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I have a very special, very exciting announcement today I hope to bring some sunshine and happy distraction to the otherwise very troubling six days. To celebrate I give away a $ 250 Amazon gift card also!

Giveaway for an Amazon gift card worth $ 250

It is the official launch of The well-plated community: a place for recipes and fun.

That is a special private Facebook group for well-plated readers a.k.a. SHE. It should be a safe place to feel good, where we can meet, socialize and chat about recipes and our daily lives, and exchange high quality memes to brighten up our days.

Have you tried a new recipe that you loved and want to show it to other foodies? Post a photo here! Looking for child-friendly recipes with frozen vegetables? This is a place to ask! How about a simple inspiration for a weekday dinner? We also have a lot of that.

I’ve been looking for a way to “meet” you all better for a long time, so I’ve had this private Facebook group in the works for months. I thought about delaying the start due to recent events that affect us all, but then I thought that a safe online place to connect and chat about food / life might be just what we need . I know i do.

In honor of the start of the group, I’m also giving away an Amazon gift card worth $ 250!

Participate in the $ 250 Amazon Gift Certificate

  1. Please join the group on Facebook HERE. You must fill out a short questionnaire as part of your request. This questionnaire serves the security of the group and helps to keep spam out.
  2. Once approved, a post will appear announcing the giveaway in the group. In this post, you will learn how to participate (and how to get additional bonus entries!).
  3. Sit down! We will contact the winner via Facebook.


FAVORITE THINGS – March supplement

In addition to the announcement by the Facebook group (Take part and win the gift card HERE), here are a couple of links to things I’ve loved lately.

  • Guinness Brownies. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Matching these decadent brownies, this cabbage sausage pan is a simple recipe that you can make to celebrate. (Or just eat the brownies for dinner. I won’t judge it.)
  • Cookbook recommendation. My Parisian cuisine by David Lebovitz. I used it to cut cassoulet off my 2020 bucket list over the weekend and it was epic! The hastily taken photo above (taken just before we inhaled it) doesn’t do it justice. If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to cook your own bucket list recipe for a whole day, now is the time to do it. This book contains beautiful, tempting recipes that keep you busy.
  • Silk pillow case. After reading for years that silk pillow cases are better for your hair and skin, I finally bought them thisand I am now a believer.
  • Inexpensive, super soft leaves. We recently had to replace our guest sheets and a friend recommended them. They are a STEAL and so soft and comfortable.
  • Foot peeling mask. Treat yourself to the spa treatment at home and let yourself be shocked by what comes from your feet after use.
  • Favorite books I’ve read (or listened to on Audible) lately. Talk to strangers (quick and interesting); The giver of the stars (convincing characters and written by an author that I really enjoy). If you haven’t read Maybe you should talk to someone Still, I can only recommend it.
  • This simple spring dress I dream of warmer days.
  • This super comfortable dress feels very good now.
  • Oven cleaner. Some of you commented on Instagram and asked how I keep my stove so clean. This inexpensive cleaner is my secret. It doesn’t leave any strange chemical smells.
  • Three cute animal Instagram accounts that will make you smile. @ Puppy instagram (I don’t think I have to explain that); @roundanimals (exactly what you think and it’s lovely); @ Pumpkintheraccoon (one of my all time favorites).

Do you have your own favorites? Please do not hesitate to share in the comments below. I hope you will Join our Facebook group also!

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