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You know the questions that begin with “When you are stranded on an island …”. Many of us who work at universities, high schools, churches, etc. are at home, maybe with the family, but apart from loved colleagues and friends with whom we are blessed to work, learn and have fellowship. We are on a kind of island.

But we don’t have to be alone and don’t just have to bring one with us. Kent, another member of the theology forum, called me today to check in. I felt loved and encouraged. Do it for someone else!

I thought you might also want to know what I put in my “digital backpack”. Enjoy! Share what you’d like to add in the comments below.

A theologian’s digital backpack


New Testament Review. Two of the Duke’s doctoral students (as well as some guests) interact with some of the most important New Testament scholarships in the recent past. Shorter episodes, but rich material.

OnScript. Several scientists talk to other scientists about their new books and their work in general. Some really great insights here.

Hidden brain. A fantastic podcast that explores all kinds of ideas and topics, often with provocative results.

Beeson Divinity podcast. Conversations with a variety of theologians with Timothy George as the host.


Jesus Creed. Scot McKnight continues to publish regularly, along with several others, but is now on the Christianity Today website.

Christian century. Many good things come from Christian century these days.

Faith & leadership. A blog with a lot of content, and I imagine a source of great help during the COVID-19 era.

Spotify playlist

Christian worship for the pandemic. A playlist (that I created) that is beautiful, hopeful, and endearing.

Follow hashtags

# covid19ethics. Started by Luke Bretherton from Duke Divinity School. Hopefully this will continue with helpful results.

What else would you pack in your digital backpack? Comment below!

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