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I admit I really struggled to bring this week’s blog post together. I am mentally struggling at the moment to continue as usual, because it clearly does not go on as usual. Our family decided last week that we would lock ourselves up before the government made the call. This means that I have canceled all of our social trips and we won’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. We even make the decision to remove our son from school for the rest of the school year without waiting for the government to make the decision. We take action because we appreciate that we are not the only ones affected. We do this as a sign of love for our community.

In a way, the decision was taken out of our hands because the little man was diagnosed with tonsillitis on Monday, so under normal circumstances we were tied to the house for at least a week. HUBBY is still looking for work, so he is also at home and has done interviews and the like via video and phone. I cannot say that I am not relieved to have everyone at home at this point. Three cases have been confirmed in Canberra, and the numbers in Australia are gradually showing exponential growth, which was the turning point for things that are getting out of control in other countries.

I know that many of you reading this will be in the same boat. You will be concerned about what the future holds for your family and whether you are making the right decisions to help your family cope with this situation. If there ever was a time for us to pull ourselves together, now is the time. There are so many ways for us to stay connected through technology, and I’ve talked to friends in business about how we can all do this to support our great community.

I have spent the past week with a firm head in our family and business has faded into the background. I am sorry if you have been waiting for things from me or are looking for further support for the # FMM9PatchParade. I tried to keep things moving, but for my own mental health and to meet the changing needs of our family, I had to move a bit away from things to regroup. I am working to fix things up and next week everything should be back to normal (God willing) as we spend this week working on our family routine, now all three of us are at home. There will be changes in things that reflect the fact that companies around the world are currently having problems. I personally don’t feel that I can ask companies for sponsorship if they have problems. I want them to sell these stocks so they can feed their families. So the events are likely to proceed without prizes.

At the moment everything is flowing and that’s fine. We need to remember to be kind to each other and show consideration and patience. It is a scary time for everyone and at this point I am very grateful to the Lord for all the arrangements that He has made for us. I wish you a week full of love, laughter and a lot of stroking!

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ON: Everyone just needs flowers in their life. Click here to read more.

B: I love this cute little project – a great way to spend a quiet time sewing and forgetting the world. Click here to read more.

C: I chose this because it says “Forward and Upward”. I think we all have to focus on that right now. Click here to read more.

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E: My father shared this article with me this week and it was such a good memory at that time. Click here to read.

F: If you are looking for help planning meals during this time when you may not be able to get to a grocery store, check out this really great meal plan regularly With Shopping List. Click here to read more.

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The Farmer’s Wife 1920s Sampler Quilt:

  1. March 4 – farm
  2. March 7th – Landweg
  3. March 11 – Cups & Saucers
  4. March 14 – Cut glass bowl
  5. March 18 – Darting Birds
  6. March 21 – duck and ducklings
  7. March 25 – Economy
  8. March 28 – End of day

The Farmer’s Wife 1930s sampler quilt:

  1. March 2 – flowering
  2. March 6 – Bonnie
  3. March 9 – bride
  4. March 13 – Carol
  5. March 16 – Carolina
  6. March 20 – Caroline
  7. March 23 – Carrie
  8. March 27 – Cat
  9. March 30 – Charlotte

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