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Do you continue to attend school during a crisis? Can you or should you? While waves of COVID-19 are waning across the country, homeschooling is a popular topic during a crisis. For those who have been teaching at home for years, the daily schedules don’t seem to be much different. However, if you live in a most affected area, you may feel overwhelmed or struggle to meet a normal day’s lesson schedule. You may be taking care of other family members or neighbors who are financially affected or simply overwhelmed by the news. Your friends in other areas may not understand why you are upset, but I know it.

I have seen this virus affect our region and I know what it can do to a family at school. As a parent at school, you may find yourself having trouble concentrating. Some days may feel more overwhelming than others, but that’s fine.

What should you do on days that feel very difficult in this difficult season?

You can take a break from homeschooling.

Why can you take a break from homeschooling?.

  1. Homeschooling is a long-term situation. Taking a few days or even weeks off won’t hurt anyone. As homeschool families, you have the ability and blessing to adjust your schedule as needed.
  2. Schools take a break and we can take a break too. Many schools have taken measures to enable children to go to school at home. Others are still working on the details. All in all, there will be days when schoolwork is missing. And that’s fine, both for parents at school and for everyone else.
  3. COVID-19 is a national emergency and it makes sense to treat your school this way.

Instead of school, we can focus on love, faith, comfort, family, health, and relationships. .

Ways to connect with your children during COVID-19.

  • Read aloud as a family
  • Daily Bible time and discussion of God’s eternal love for us
  • Regular and frequent hugs with an “I love you” for each child
  • Allow children to talk about feelings and fears together
  • Retain children’s anxiety and worry at the adult level
  • Encourage everyone to exercise intensely every day
  • Limiting online presence to a reasonable amount to be enjoyed as a family
  • Find alternative fun like these board games for the whole family or handicrafts

Daily school activities for children during COVID-19

When I was sitting here in Seattle, where the COVID 19 outbreak started in the United States, I had trouble keeping my thoughts at work. I know it would be even more difficult if I started teaching at home now. Local news is important to protect us, but it is also emotional to hear and often exhaustive. During our local outbreak, of course, I’m worried about my extended family with existing conditions and my children.

I encourage all homeschool parents to: It’s okay to take a break. This is a season, not forever. Homeschoolers have the flexibility to adapt. We are teachers, administrators, principals and principals. We can choose when we have school, when we have vacation, whether it is half a day or a late start. It’s okay to take a break.

When things return to normal, keep in mind that you can adjust your classes and curricula to take advantage of current events and maximize learning.

After September 11, we quickly changed our world studies to teach about the Middle East in our school. You can take this opportunity to discuss statistics, STEM careers, history and government, civics and voting. The teaching options are endless when you are teaching at home.

As a homeschool parent in the United States, you are the one who makes the decisions and you can make decisions.

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