FREE short vowel word family lists !! HomeSchool

It is finally available! Friends, I share our SHORT WORD FAMILY LISTS that we used to read, spell, and copy at home. These are so easy to prepare and can be used anytime, anywhere.

In the picture you see a phone. It’s from one Hear me sound phone what I used with Vito so he can hear and focus on the sounds he says. More details here.

I hope you find them useful, especially in these times of homeschooling. But just a side note, don’t overdo it. Take your time to enjoy the moments when all family members are at home.

A preview of what we have:


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This is a free resource that anyone can use and definitely NOT FOR SALE. I ask you not to share this via email or upload it to file sharing websites. If someone would like to have a copy, simply refer them to my blog, my post or my IG account. Thank you for your understanding.

Like to learn!

Stay safe, everyone! God bless.

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