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On Monday, I told you about my spring trip home, where I unveiled my new geometric wooden wall art that I’ve been working on for the past 2-3 weeks. Before I wrote a blog post, I had to practice a bit and gather so much information that I could share everything with you in detail. I also have to report that I am now definitely addicted to wood burning because I created these little medallions with geometric patterns that are usually called mandalas.

It shows in my house with previous design decisions that I love repeating geometric patterns. Yes, I’m a fool for symmetry!

DIY geometric wooden wall art

DIY geometric wooden wall art or mandala art

My inspiration

My first inspiration comes from a catalog in which I have metal wall art with the top circles (HERE) which is also quite expensive to sell. As always, I love the black and white pattern, but since I already have so much of it in my house, I wanted to do something different. When I discovered the wood-burned plates and bottles in the used goods store in Germany, I knew immediately that this was the way I wanted to go.

one of my inspirational pieces for the production of geometric wooden wall art

The catalog calls it lace circles, but I would call them mandalas, which are geometric, mostly round patterns.

The literal meaning word mandala (read more HERE) means that circle and circle mandalas are definitely more common. They are simple geometric shapes that consist of even dividing the circle.
Mandalas have their origins in Hinduism and Buddhism and are spiritual symbols. Ancient writings describe mandalas as symbols of great strength or strength, the body of creation and the connection with your inner self.

These geometric patterns have definitely been made in countries around the world and not just in Hinduism and Buddhism for hundreds of years. These types of geometric patterns and not just repeating circular patterns occur in many different cultures and countries. There are Celtic, Indian, Asian, European, and even the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex characters in the form of geometric patterns on circular backgrounds, but all with their own twists and designs that are likely all based on the beliefs of sacred geometry. Even our ordinary doilies have similar patterns and appearances.

Pyrography and wood burning

Pyrography means writing with fire, which does not necessarily have to be done on wood and is also possible on other materials. The burning of wood, as the name suggests, is only carried out on wood with a hot-burning tool, which is also a soldering iron.

I saw a lot of videos about wood burning on youTube and I loved Kate’s video (HERE) so much. she has a save on etsy and she is very knowledgeable.

I made a video of my own process so you can see how I made my video in addition to this blog post.

Required materials:

Materials for making geometric wooden wall art mandala

My instructional video

(Click on the image triangle to view or go Youtube watch)

How to draw a mandala (a symmetrical geometric circular shape)

There are many ways you can draw a symmetrical geometric circular shape, but I want to show you how I would prefer it. It’s a simpler, less complicated, and simpler version than some of the downloads that I also showed in this post. (In my video I create a different circular shape than below, but very similar)

Mark the center of the wooden disc and draw a line

Mark the center of the wooden disc

Draw another line through the center at a 90 degree angle.

Use a protractor for the 90 degree center line

View of 90 degree lines

Then mark a 45 degree angle through the middle

Mark 45 degree angles

Draw the 45-degree lines through the middle

The next step is to mark the circles that cut through the center lines

Mark sections on the lines for circles

Use your compass to draw the circle.

Use the woodworking compass for the mandala circles

You can see the dimensions that I used for the different sections of the circle in the following photo:

View of the ruler and dimensions that I used for circles

Draw all the circles

Draw in the middle circle

Draw in the second center circle

I decided to make smaller center circles that overlap as shown below …

Draw in the cut small center circles

I marked the middle for the next row of outer circles.

Mark the outer circles of the geometric wooden wall art with a ruler

And then she drew using the compass

View of the compass that draws the outer circles

Below you can see the pattern before I hand drawn some details.

finished pencil pattern of the mandala

I started connecting some of the circles from the centers to the outside.

Draw more details between the overlapping circles

And then draw some decorative bows.

Loop pattern on the outside of the circles

Create a star shape with the overlapping circles

As a further detail, I have drawn larger circles outwards. It’s basically circled on circles and circles!

Add more details with the compass at the end

Use your pencil to go through the details before going to Woodbury

Here is the finished pattern before I started burning wood.

View of the finished sample before wood burning

The finished mandala

And now the geometric wooden wall artwork drawn above is burned and colored. Please watch my video to see how I actually burn some of the parts.

finished geometric wall art from burnt wood with a blue accent

Here are two more similar ones that I made with a circular structure.

finished mandala pattern with circular structure from instructional video

Wood burned circular geometric wall art piece without color

I wanted to show you another piece where I only used a straight line ruler and no compass. This gives it more of a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex character look. Both pretty, but a completely different look.

TIP: “It is actually easier to avoid the round shapes on the first try and to practice with the straight lines.”

Wood burned geometric wall art in Pennsylvania Dutch Hex character style

Chasing a geometric wooden wall art pattern

I downloaded several free samples from a website (HERE, HERE and HERE where you can choose others), but the size was not correct for the wooden circles I bought. So I adjusted them to the 10 and 12 inches. The problem was that it didn’t fit normal 8.5 “x 11” printer paper. So I printed the same part three times and simply taped the pattern in a continuous circle and cut out the shape. This is possible because the shape is geometric. Let me show you …

three pieces of identically patterned paper

Find the resizes to download HERE, HERE, and HERE so you can print them out and place them on 12-inch circles.

Cut patterned pieces to form a circle

For the smaller wooden circle. I have taken two of the same printouts that you can see in my video.

finished sample before tracking

Then put carbon paper under the printout and fix it with tape …

Add carbon paper to the transfer paper before tracing

… and draw the entire pattern freehand with a pencil or with a ruler.

Use a ruler and pencil to trace the pattern

Below are two of the free patterns I’ve downloaded and tracked and burned. You can find more details in my video.

finished wood-fired mandala with straight lines and without color

Structure mandala with straight lines and dark wood shapes

You can also buy different patterns on Etsy such as HERE for example.

How to burn a geometric wooden wall artwork or mandala

I recommend using small pliers to change the tips when they are hot. I have a piece of waste wood on which I put the hot pieces and then cover them with a glass so that the cats and people do not accidentally burn themselves.

Use small pliers to change the wood burner tool tips

Before you start tracing the patterns, we recommend that you try out all the tips of the wood burning tool on a piece of scrap wood to see what shapes, lines, and shades you can create with each one.

Practice wood burning on a piece of old wood

Click HERE to return to the video and watch it.

Here are the DIY geometric wooden wall art pieces hanging on the other side of my living room as shown on my trip home this week.

DIY geometric wooden wall art in our neutral boho living room

Grouping of three DIY geometric wooden wall art mandalas in the living room

DIY geometric wooden wall art mandalas grouped together

different types of geometric wooden wall art

And as always, if you don’t feel like making your own, you can always buy some nice handmade pieces below on Etsy:

Or you can just add one large mandala wall sticker to your home!

Mandala mural or sticker

In the end, I would actually like to create a grouping of everyone to hang on our fence outside by the storage tank pool. The basket plates that hung there in my revelation were not suitable for outdoor use. I need to make sure that I make the mandalas really weatherproof first so that they can hold outdoors. I don’t want to use polyurethane because it turns yellow in the sun.

Storage tank pool with round basket graphics on fence

I will keep you up to date on what will come to me in due course.


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