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Corona virus stories can open your heart. Remember to feel peace.

Corona virus stories are welcome here.

  • Especially your teaching stories about growing.
  • Clever way of dealing with it.
  • Maybe even ways that energy spirituality helps you. One seized day each.

May those of us in this informal, intelligent, caring community support each other. And I feel connected to friends.

While working here in my pink office, I started to shape this post internally. Of course I asked myself, what kind of story do I have to tell?

In this situation of unprecedented novelty and personal growth potential … Of course I find stories every day. As you may already know I collect stories.

However, I would like to keep this post-and-comments sequence mainly through YOU. Because maybe I’m an expert on energy spirituality. However, each of you is the global expert for you. And you know that energy spirituality should help you to live better humanly.

You know. Energy spirituality aims to help people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening. Use skills that are now working in the Age of Awakening.

In this blog we have a number of articles. All of:

So I was in co-creator writer mode when I went through my story for today.

Inspirational corona virus stories Doesn’t have to be pretty Right?

This blog is not about “always staying positive”, is it?

Let me tell you today’s story about the dead skunk. Remember that you have received a fair warning.

Background story First.

Yesterday I went outside to do my morning routine. (Readers of “The new strong ones,Think of a 1 1/2 minute energy shield.) And I saw something on the grass, apart. Maybe it looked black and furry. However, I was not in the mood to investigate. So I went back inside.

Fast forward to this morning. And the prospect of enchanting corona virus stories. (Yes, we’re still in the back story)

I went to the kitchen early in the day. (Home of coffee! Just not on an empty stomach.)

I am so happy to be alive and well. As always, full of joyful expectation to help people Energy spirituality.

When I looked out of the window. Basically 1/3 of the wall space in this kitchen consists of window glass. And there I saw something very unexpected … An answer to the classic puzzle:

What is black and white and red everywhere?

The answer was: an extremely dead skunk. Just not curled up and cleaned up like what I saw yesterday. Rather open with a lot of red, as if it had been partially eaten. In case you’re wondering someone in Age of enlightenment… is able to feel really, really, extremely outraged.

Fortunately I have to tell my neighbor Gladys

Since then, I went out to do my morning routine after a while. And I happened to spot Gladys walking to her car.

I immediately ran over. I told her about the skunk. And how it had traveled overnight. From the front of the house. Behind the fence to the back yard. And now with a gore show.

“How could that happen?”

Thank God for my down-to-earth neighbor Gladys! She reminded me that we have a lot of wildlife in this suburb. Including some large turkey vultures. Of course, you could fly away with this “price” and take it to a beautiful, private back yard.

Hey, that made sense. Even for that New York native.

Gladys definitely comforted me. Our conversation also meant a lot to me because our neighborly friendship has made slow progress. Very slowly in the past 10 years. I am always happy to take another step closer. And I think that happened today. Gladys had never seen me look so scared. Usually she saw me happy. Not intentionally. Simply because I’m happy by default.

Perhaps the fear on my face made me more accessible.

Anyway, now The heart of the story

There I was, thinking about what a human story could be to share with you blog friends. What could I write in this post?

When my husband MITCH came upstairs to my office and told me a pleasant message: Since he packed up the stinking mess of the very dead skunk. Put it in the trash can. And put the lid firmly on.

Little things can mean so much! Especially since I may not be able to do this kind of cleanup easily.

Once I managed to dispose of a dead bird’s carcass. During and after me my screaming was epic. Because maybe I’m a fancy founder of energy spirituality. Still, I’m still a girl.

Thank God for my husband who is not. MITCH didn’t want to just leave this rotten carcass in our back yard. (Until everything was eaten up. Which would have been my solution.)


Everyday heroism. Everyday friendship

I celebrate that in my little coronavirus story about husband heroism. Also come a step closer to friendship with Gladys.

You see, blog buddies, personal growth doesn’t depend on how many people we hug in a day. Or how happy the crowd is in a favorite restaurant.

God lives in our hearts. Through small human relationships, learning and friendliness … this divine presence can awaken us spiritually.

What if there is one thing I have learned about the corona virus so far? Simply that. Mastering human challenges is a wonderful way to keep growing.

We happen to live in there Earth schoolthat personal growth is always fresh, always liberating.

Day it’s you (Of course, at a good social distance.)

Who has a story to tell, a story of inspiration? COMMENT gone.

Together, blog buddies, we will read and share.

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