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Washington D.C. brings with it some of our nation’s most interesting and fundamental stories. When you look at the people and stories that this region has seen over the past few centuries, it’s no surprise that it is as full as historical architecture and country estates.

There are many buyers in the area looking for a home that has the essence of the important role of D.C. reflecting in the American past. The key to getting them to the best deal is to find the right balance between contemporary and historical ambience in your space.

Use these tips from our experts Start staging Your historic home and achieve this harmony!

1) Choose a historical color palette.

When you refresh your color and decorate your historical space for sale, you should use clear, classic colors. Many paint manufacturers even have collections specially designed for historic houses. Coordinate a look that gives your home a bright feel and highlights its naturally elegant features like hardwood trimmings and ornate crown moldings.

Also keep in mind that sticking to a neutral palette is the best choice if you offer a house (including a historic one) for sale. Although historically many colors in these house types were heavy and dark, you need to keep the room bright and open to appeal to the modern buyer.

2) Make your room bigger.

Older Victorian style properties are usually split up with lots of smaller rooms, as opposed to the open floor plan that attracts modern buyers. You will have to exaggerate your space to compensate for these outdated proportions.

Use color, layout and decor to make a room look bigger (mirrors can be your best friend here!). Remove excess furniture and clutter to create as much floor space as possible.

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3) Beautify your home with simple window treatments.

Heavy curtains and shady spaces may have shaped historic homes in their prime, but they don’t do much to impress contemporary buyers.

If you leave the windows uncovered or stick to light fabrics and bright curtains, the natural light of your property will be emphasized and your home will appear spacious and inviting. It will also help to show this beautiful window covering!

4) Modernize key areas.

Shoppers want archival charm and history, but aren’t that interested in antique amenities. Upgrade devices and fittings in your entire room, focusing in particular on popular areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

You also want to do without this contemporary salon couch and stick to modern, usable furniture that potential buyers can imagine. Implement a decor that blends contemporary style with vintage fascination.

5) Highlight historical details.

Do you know what will spark the most initial interest in your home? That’s right – it’s history! While trying to maintain an appeal that reaches as many buyers as possible, you need to remember that the space you work with is unique. Use these characteristics to highlight the unique value of a property like yours.

Ultimately, keep decor, furnishings, and patterns simple to highlight the natural beauty of your home. Show arched windows and doors, original hardwoods, moldings and claddings, claddings, cupboards, the roof and all the details that distinguish your home from the rest of the market.

At Red House Staging & Interiors we offer a wide range of staging solutions that are suitable for houses of all styles.

We also specialize in transitional styling, which is wonderful for any historic DC house! Choose from one of our several different staging packages to help you find the sweet spot between modern and colonial for your historical space.

Visit our website to explore our custom and curated options and get more tips on how to use them to get the results you want!

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