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  • Google’s main focus is on providing the most accurate information to meet users ’searches.
  • You should think about the main topics of your content (your property!) And then create posts and websites to support them.
  • Reviews are an easy (and free!) Way to improve your real estate website ranking.

More and more marketers believe that SEO is dead. So much so 210 people Search “SEO is dead” every day. But we don’t sign this mentality.

93% of all online experiences Start with a search. And why shouldn’t they? The internet is full of useful information. So there’s no reason why your website shouldn’t be at the top of the search results. But like that enormous amount of content The daily publication continues to grow Has It is becoming increasingly difficult to rank in search engines.

Google algorithm Rating websites is constantly changing. And for a good reason – – people change, also. How the needs of users evolve, Google must always be one step ahead. As the leading search engine in the world, Google The main focus is on providing the most accurate information to meet users’ searches.

How are you? Real estate website ranking improve? In other words, how are you? Get your real estate websiteand above all your characteristics, to the top of the search results page? How do you deliver accurate, informative content that Google believes is valuable?y? Here are four Tips for increasing your SEO rankings.

4th SEO tips too Improve your real estate website ranking

1. Keyword research

P.People are now more likely to search with a phrase or question than with a single term. In response, search engine development has focused on Natural language processing – That is, search engines now analyze phrases as a whole and no more than single Keyword. This essentially means that they rate a website’s content on an entire topic and not use a specific word to get the best answers to users’ questions.

To improve your SEO ranking, seeTop try to rank for a small amount of keywords. It is important to have broad visibility across a topic. You should think about the main topics of your content (Your property!) and then create posts and web pages to support them.

2. O.ptimize for mobile

In 2019accounted for mobile traffic more than the half of Internet traffic, and that percentage is growing. Google reported that more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktops. In response to this trend, Google’s algorithms are evaluating mobile-friendly websitess higher in search results than on desktop pages.

93% of home buyers Start your search online. And since we know that mobile data traffic is growing rapidly, it is imperative that your website be optimized for mobile use. Some simple ways to optimize for mobile devices are:

3. Check the management

90% of consumers Read the reviews contact A company and 72% of consumers will not take action until they have read a positive review. When trying to publicize your property, first use the positive reviews of other residents and customers.

Late Last year, Whitespark’s Darren Shaw published the results of his annual reportGoogle Local Rankings survey. The survey found that ratings account for 15.44% of a local business’s rating by Google.

Do you miss an abundance of reviews? Just ask! When customers have expressed their appreciation for your services, don’t be afraid to ask them for a positive rating on Google. These reviews are an easy (and free!) Way to improve your real estate website ranking.


We talked about that Advantages of video for some time. If you have a video on your landing page, your SEO will improve significantly. Video increases conversion rates, improves bounce rates, and extends overall website time.

Search engines use the bounce rates Rate pages – a low bounce rate and high user engagement rate are indicators of strong content and relevance to yours Perspective buyers. As a result, Google strongly emphasizes these metrics in its ranking algorithm. Video keeps users on your website better than anything else, making it one of the most effective ways to improve search engine optimization.

Do you need more tips to improve your real estate website ranking? We can help! We would be happy to do everything for you.

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