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  1. Bust out the Coloring pages

2. Create your own coloring pages

3. Write a book with illustrations

101 children's activities when they are bored

4. Play a video game

5. Read a book

6. Read a book to a younger sibling

7. Record how you read a book

8. Play

9. Play video games with a sibling

10. Draw outside with chalk

11. Ride a bike

12. Play a musical instrument (or the pots and pans!)

13. Peel all the carrots and potatoes in the house or cut green beans or other vegetables into really small pieces

14. Make a marble maze

15. Listen to an audiobook

Catholic children's activities when bored

16. Dance to music / host a dance party

17. Say the Rosary of God’s Mercy


19. Take an online course in your library system

20. Color the ends of the hair

21. Camp in the back yard

22. Bake bread or muffins or cookies

23. Create your own song and shape it in front of only positive judges

24. Learn how to ride a bike

25. Make a YouTube practice video

26. Help your parents clean the house thoroughly

27. Make a book report

28. Start a nature journal and look out of the window

29. Record weather patterns and cloud types daily

30. Start a prayer diary or diary

30. Skype with family and friends (try skipping once a day and this will really help you end your day!)

31. Watch a movie as a family

32. Play a board game with your siblings

33. Play solitaire

34. Go through your toys and find things you can donate

35. Learn something new (sewing, carving soap or wood, cooking, photography, etc.)

36. Call a relative or friend

37.Say the rosary

38. Do Math wrap-ups to remember your facts

39. Play hide-and-seek or 4 corners

40. Play with dough or clay

41. Start a garden and take care of it

42. Weed and clean the yard

43. Play catch with your siblings

44. Make the stations of the cross

45. Make Plant pictures

46. ​​Memorize a poem or a Bible verse every week

47. Play with Legos

48. Make a fort

49. Take an obstacle course

50. Make a bird feeder

Children's activities when they are bored

51. Write a letter or email to a friend

52. Learn to type

53. Learn a new language with a free language app

Play 54th day

55. Make a chia pet

56. Use one of them free subscriptions (Spring 2020)

57. Read about a saint and write a letter to him or her

58.Say that Spiritual act of community

59. Do something nice for someone else

60. Make jewelry or key rings with dried macaroni or pearls

61. Play with puzzles

62. Make batik t-shirts or socks

63. Do a potato sack race where you tie your legs together and run races / hops

64. Make your own Edible arrangement with cut fruits on sticks

65. Blow up balloons and play volleyball with them, or use a wall-mounted hula hoop to play basketball

66. Have a nerf gun war

67. Make dolls out of socks or paper bags

68. Play a puppet show

69. Make shadow puppets

70. Blow bubbles

71. Make a sundial

72. Teach yourself juggling (balls)

73. Watch a DIY origami video and try it out for yourself!

74. Observe the plants in your garden and try to name them using the internet and scientific encyclopedias

75. Make a family tree

Activities and handicrafts for bored children

76. Paint your nails (or your mother’s)

77. Imagine you’re a hairdresser and stick clips and ribbons in the hair of your siblings or parents (with permission!)

78. Massage your mother’s feet

79. Clean your room

80. Go scavenger hunt

81. Write down all the things you love

82. Write / record all the things your sibling loves and compare the notes

83. Collect stones and paint them

84. Take a time capsule

85. Use toothpicks and marshmallows to build a tower or bridge

86. Do homemade bowling with a ball and plastic bottles

87. Draw a self-portrait by looking at yourself in the mirror

88. Have a tea party with soft toys

89. Pretend to be a librarian and have a fairy tale lesson with your siblings

90. Learn the art of cake decorating

91. Press flowers or leaves

92. Cut out interesting things from an old magazine

93. Make a collage with these cuttings

94. Collect used stamps from envelopes to create your own stamp collection

95. Put on a costume and be that character all day

96. Have a picnic in the back yard

97. Have a picnic under the kitchen table

98. Skipping rope. Skipping rope with 2 other people holding the rope. Skipping rope with one foot.

99. Learn Country Line Dance

100. Listen to a science podcast for children

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