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Guidelines for Success to Score High Exams (JAMB UTME) : Nigerian Education

Sit for that March 16, 2020 JAMB exam (JOINT ADMISSION AND MATRICULATION BOARD), then this is for you.

JAMB publishes list of prohibited items in the examination hall.

  1. Electronic devices like:
    • Mobile phones
    • calculator
    • Wristwatches
    • Recorder
  2. Spy reading glasses.
  3. Cameras.
  4. Earpiece.
  5. Bluetooth devices,
  6. USB,
  7. CD,
  8. Hard disk and similar storage devices.
  9. Pen / ballpoint pen.
  10. Intelligent lenses.
  11. Books or reading / writing materials.
  12. Ink / pen reader,
  13. Key holder,
  14. ATM cards,
  15. Erasers.
  16. Smart rings / jewelry.

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is just around the corner, and all candidates should note that when preparing for the upcoming exam, they “don’t put much hope in your brilliance when you answer the questions, and say that they are prudent and up to date answering questions within the limited number of times ”.

One thing I know for sure is that passing the JAMB UTME exam is not only about how brilliant you are, but also how smart you are at answering these questions within the limited time. This is the definition of prudence. “

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The truth here is that since the JAMB questions are very different from those of the next candidate who is by your side, misconduct would be difficult and the time available to answer the questions is not enough to complete the screen of the other computer.

Please download our JAMB Past Question APP or visit the official Jamb website and learn how to manage your time and answer the questions yourself. This is one of the most ignored aspects, but one of the best ways to succeed in JAMB exams.

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The secret to passing the exam is:

JAMB 2020 exams: 7 must-read for all Jambites

Why Do People Fail Exams? I have been thinking about this question in my head over and over without leaving anyway. A high score in an exam is not a curse. All you have to do is just follow the basics that many intelligent students have been using for decades, and amazingly, it still works.

What prompts me to write this article entitled “JAMB 2020 exams: 7 must be read for all Jambites” is that most people don’t understand what to do before taking an exam.

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First, before you dream of becoming a college student in Nigeria, you need to have good self-esteem. Don’t misjudge me here.

I’m not going to tell you to read until we discover another source of power from your brain. I already assume that your parents, uncles, aunts and even your Oga and wife “at the top” have already given talks about it (or should I say that you are bored). I’m only here to repair your brain so that it fits into an exam environment. What is self esteem?

It’s about how you see yourself (very important!). The confidence you have in yourself that you are ready for the exam. It may surprise you that the majority of people who think they cannot pass an exam actually fail the exam.

If you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you can’t pass the exam, the JAMB exam has the courage to tell you worse (believe me).

So if you start studying today for your upcoming exams, whisper to yourself sweet success and network with sensible people who also share your goals and beliefs.

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Tip 2 for success in exams.

Never be intimidated by what others learn or read. Very funny, isn’t it? My first experience as a JAMB candidate was very intimidating. I attended a JAMB tutoring class once and thought I had read enough to find out that I was still a student.

The questions two girls asked each other made me wonder if it was the same JAMB that I’m going to write. If not for God, I was already imagining the type of bike that would be very suitable for my newly found Okada business in my imagination.

In practice, be a master of the few that you have studied, learn them very well, and if you want to expand your knowledge, you can join other study groups that you may find, be part of and never be intimidated . Finally, you may find that you know more than they do.

Tip 3 for success in exams

Don’t think negatively about others. Just like self-esteem, what you think about others has a direct or indirect, unconscious or even conscious effect on you.

You may not know this, but all the time you spend clapping, jealousy, and resentment against your friend makes your friend even better than you.

This state of mind makes your learning process more difficult and painful. So free yourself before you pick up a book today and, above all, don’t be angry with friends.

Tip 4: Overcome fear!

Like intimidation, fear has a way of coming back to us. No matter what you read, this fear in you will always tell you that you will fail. Let me break it down for you like this: F-False, E-Proof, A-Appearance, R-Real. False evidence appears real.

Overcoming exam anxiety can be achieved by studying with safer students for that particular exam. Learning with close friends can also help overcome fear over time.

Tip 5: choose a strategy!

A strategy is a means by which you want to use and achieve your goals. Since your goal is to pass JAMB and get admission to a university or polytechnic, you need to choose a good strategy. If you are a good listener, you can try listening to your friends more often in group discussions.

If you learn slowly, you can also try reading past questions and trying to make them stick to your brain faster. By choosing a strategy that you are familiar with, you not only pass exams, but also build confidence and reduce anxiety. Which exam strategy will you use for your JAMB exams?

Tip 6: Bring in the god factor.

If you have read up to this point and have no place in your heart for God, I would rather suggest that you walk around your area and look for a huggable transformer so that we can understand what MI means in his song “Beef” ‘ .

Fear and love God essentially. Pray before you study and before your exams, and any other success factor will be easier for you to apply.

Tip 7: your source of information

Always visit I’ve never seen a website dedicated to student success like this! Stay in touch with this site and JAMB will never outsmart you! Good luck with your 2020 Jamb exam.

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