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Read on to find out why many have chosen to invest in Eden Kelowna.

With steadily growing employment opportunities and enrollments at UBCO and Okanagan College, Kelowna welcomes new students and young professionals every day! Continued population growth combined with low vacancy rates in Kelowna has contributed significantly to the success of investors.

To welcome this growth, the area around Uptown Rutland has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to its proximity to delicious restaurants, cafes, boutiques, convenience stores, grocery stores and the growing growth
Social scene in downtown Kelowna.

Eden Kelowna was rated by Real Property Managed considering the building
Equipment and location that expected rental income for Eden are rated as:

$ 1,400 – $ 1,600 / month for a 1 bed / 1 bath

& $ 1,700 – $ 1,900 / month for a 2 bed / 2 bath

Benefits for investors

✔️ Quality construction ✔️ Durable surfaces ✔️ Guarantee for new houses
✔️ Near UBCO ✔️ Accessible equipment ✔️ Only 10% deposit required
✔️ underground parking for each unit ✔️ terraces for each unit
✔️ Transit on your doorstep (17 minutes from UBCO)

Don’t miss your favorite unit in Eden!
Visit the Presentation center, Open at any time by appointment.

How to book a purchase date:
Contact the real estate specialist at 250-317-7879 or by email to [email protected]

Presentation Center address: 905 Badke Road, Kelowna, BC
How to get there: Turn off HWY 33 onto Bryden Rd. and turn right onto Houghton Rd.
Follow the signs to guide you on the way!

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