April 2020 Visa Bulletin released amid a coronavirus pandemic Immigration

Visa bulletin April 2020

Although the State Department released the April 2020 visa bulletin amid widespread fears of the coronavirus pandemic, it has minimal impact on the priority date movements. Just like us predicted for the April 2020 Visa Bulletin, Employment categories have had little movement this month. While there were no additional setbacks, most of the forward movement was observed between a week and three months, just like when the Visa Bulletin was released in March 2020.

Final campaign dates for the employment-related visa category

As the spread of the corona virus has peaked in the past few weeks, the negative effects will be felt in the upcoming Visa bulletins. Several USCIS offices and Application Service Centers have been closed against coronavirus as a precaution. The US government has approved teleworking for most of its employees. As a result, the processing centers now have only a few personnel who only process new applications. It remains to be seen how the US government will deal with the green card applications that have already been left behind.

However, the April 2020 visa bulletin saw good progress in the family-based categories, a silver lining against the black cloud of the coronavirus.

Final promotional dates for the family-based visa category

According to the announcement of the April 2020 visa bulletin, the cut-off dates in the table with the filing dates for April remain unchanged compared to March 2020.

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