Why is he lying to you? Dating

The power of seduction is a technique that most men apply to women.
which most women don’t even know! It has a couple of main themes, games and
Tricks, but the one that seems to work most on women is “flattery and promise”.

This aspect is usually the easiest, but also the easiest
Effective. Men know that women love to be flattered, they know women love
to hear how beautiful and amazing they are, use this to their advantage
When you meet a woman you are interested and may want something from.

Flattery: When a man meets a woman he finds attractive, he is
begins to tell her things that he thinks they want to hear, like “you
have beautiful eyes “” you’re exactly the kind of woman I’ve been waiting for ”
or “you have an amazing body”. Even if it’s all true, but the reason why he is
all these things have to be said so that he can charm her so that she likes him. There are
There is nothing wrong with you appreciating and enjoying flattery. Just don’t take it
it as gold and ignore its actions.

Promise: Men love to tell women what they will do for them and
What will happen together in “their” future? For example, if he tells you
that he wants to get married and have children with you in the first few years
Months or he says we should go on vacation together on the second date,
He’s basically doing what he was before and saying what he thinks you want

Why do men say things that they may not mean to a woman? It is
pretty basic reason actually. You have to learn how to get a woman so that she can
watch the men around them, they experiment themselves and recognize it that way
for a woman the heart is through her ears. They also know that women have been conditioned
from a very young age, women and mothers want to be white pickets
Fence house with her men. He then uses this knowledge for women he finds
attractive to make her either sleep with him or be in a relationship with him
him. These ladies are the reason why men “lie”. They tell you what you want
to listen so you like them and give them what they want. That is why it is so
important to look at a man’s actions, if they match his words, then fantastic,
However, if he only gives you one conversation, you shouldn’t give him anything anymore
Time until he shows up with actions

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