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As JAMB UTME 2019 approaches, it is important that candidates prepare and equip themselves with all the information they need. It may be new to you to take computer-based exams, or you may not be very sure about using your mouse, keyboard, etc. Don’t worry at first, it’s just as easy to look at the computer screen and click a button. Kudos to you, if you are already a computer guru, this alone will significantly reduce your exam tension. While this article isn’t really about using a computer, you’ll find it helpful as we’ll look at the top tips on answering your UTME questions on the exam day.

Exercise center for computer-aided tests (CBT) for previous questions

1. Make sure that you enter the required details and check all fields correctly.

You may be asked to provide your registration number or other information that will be used to automatically generate the data you registered with when you and other candidates are checked in. Of course, this means that you need to have your registration details, especially your registration number on the tip of your fingers. Make sure you check what is automatically generated for you at all times. Also, make sure it matches your registration information to avoid losing your result to someone else or another strange problem.

During the main exam, it is expected that you first enter your registration number into the computer and click “Next”. After that, the exam instructions will appear before you start. If you have any problems, contact your supervisor, supervisory staff or personnel. Everything you need to enter into the system should be entered correctly. See the video below for more information Instructions from JAMB::

2. Read the instructions carefully.

As with every exam, you cannot assume that you know all the rules. Go through each of the instructions that appear on the screen while you are taking the exam, and make sure you follow them. Typically, with this type of exam, these instructions are more like a guide that gives you details of how to proceed with answering your questions. Every instruction that you receive from your center’s supervisory staff and every instruction that you see on your computer screen when starting must be followed properly and appropriately to avoid touching stories.

3. Plan how much time you will spend on each topic.

This depends on the time available for the exam. JAMB gives two hours for their exams and this is for 60 questions in English and 40 questions each for the other three subjects. The time they give you should be well distributed across the four topics to avoid wasting a lot of time on a particular topic. If you know what you are doing, using English paper is paper that you can easily finish in no time and have more time for other topics.

So plan and stick to how you spend time on each topic, even if you haven’t finished a topic by your allotted time, so that you can touch all topics appropriately. Your time is shown in front of you on the computer screen and counted down. You can take a CBT practice exam to get a feel for what the exam is like. JAMB has confirmed that a power failure will not affect your timing. There will be a replacement and alternate power source, and your exam will return exactly to where you left off. All questions are saved when answered.

4. Learn the keyboard shortcuts to answer questions faster.

Answers to questions can be entered into the computer in two ways. You can enter answers by clicking with the mouse on the option you think is the answer or by typing the letter of the option on the keyboard. Answers are recorded directly on the computer. The key combinations are eight and the eight keys ON, B., C., D., P., N., S. and R..

Key A stands for option A. Press the key ON Keyboard key to select option A as the answer to a question. Press B. If you think the right option is B Press C. If you think the correct answer to your question is C. Press D. If you think the correct answer to the current question is D. Press P. or Left arrow go to the previous question. Press N. or arrow to the right to proceed to the next question. The S. You can end your exam with the button. Make sure you check your work before submitting it. Finally, that R. Use the key to return to the test.

Note that you can review or change your answers after they have been typed into the computer during the exam or after you have tried to answer all questions before final submission. When you press the S key to submit the exam, another field prompts you to confirm that you are ready to end the test. As soon as you confirm that you want to quit by pressing S again, the test is closed and you cannot retrieve the entry. Note that you can practice taking the JAMB CBT exam during the sham exam. For more instructions from JAMB, see the following video:

5. Start using English paper and then switch to another topic that you know best.

You may be asked to start using English for at least thirty to forty minutes before proceeding with other articles. Regardless of whether you are prompted to do so or not, it is advisable to do so because if you are well prepared you can finish it quickly in about thirty minutes and get good grades there. It also gives you the confidence to devote yourself to other quite difficult issues. When you’re done with English, move on to the next subject where you are strongest. The reason for this is obvious. You will most likely answer questions on subjects in which you are strong more correctly and quickly, and this will give you even more confidence to continue.

6. Do not spend more than a minute asking questions.

Depending on the type of questions, you may need to spend more time on some than on others. Some questions can be answered easily before you have read the question. It should take no longer than 30 seconds to answer these questions. Others require logical thinking and some calculations (e.g. science topics) and are likely to take more time. No matter how much time they take, please do not allow the time you spend on them to exceed one minute if you want to finish your exam on time. If the question takes longer than expected, check the options and check whether you have received enough information from your calculation and reasoning to derive an answer. If so, please choose the most logical answer and continue. Speed ​​and accuracy are very important in every examination.

7. Select an answer for each question as soon as you answer it.

If the exam had been a pencil and paper type, you would have said that you would start with the questions that you know best and then move on to the others, since browsing through the exam will make it easy to identify these simple questions. However, this style cannot be easily achieved in a computerized exam.

In the JAMB CBT exam, you can only see one question on the screen at a time, although there is a possibility on the screen to jump to a question number. If you want to answer the questions chronologically – depending on how they are numbered – that’s fine and okay. If you choose to randomly choose questions about how your instinct guides and answers you – good too. Whichever method you choose, make sure you answer each question in front of your screen whether you are sure or not when you hit it. This is because you may not have time to return to these questions.

If you wish, you can find a way to write down questions that you weren’t sure about if you ended up with enough time to return. The only questions that you may be able to answer are those that you are sure you know, but that may take too long to resolve. However, if you keep doing this to find the simpler questions, you may be able to solve few or no questions after the time has elapsed. Remember that after the time has elapsed, the computer no longer hears “Please, sir, only two minutes” and does not collect other people’s scripts while you are quickly shading spaces in your answer script. Your computer will automatically submit your exam for assessment as soon as your time runs out, and you have to stop even if you haven’t answered a single question.

8. Logically guess by eliminating answers to questions that you are not sure about.

You will often come across questions for which you have an idea but are not sure whether you will find the right answer. In other cases, these are questions that you apparently have no idea about. Still, many students would normally use it Tum-Bum Tum-Bum – a random pattern of guessing answers to questions hoping to be lucky – this is not the best resort.

The best way to ask yourself such questions and give very reasonable and likely answers is through logical guessing through elimination. This can be compared to the 50:50 lifeline on the television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, In which the computer takes away two wrong options and leaves two options – one is the correct answer and the other is a wrong option.

If you have prepared yourself properly after reading the questions and going through the options, you will discover at least one or two that may not be the answer. Eliminate them and then work with the remaining options. Doing so would have increased your chances of being able to find the right answer. Even though JAMB can sometimes ask tricky questions with very similar options, this method can still prove very helpful.

Important: List of prohibited items in the JAMB test hall

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has maintained its policy that no candidate may enter the exam room with electronic equipment. The full list of prohibited items can be found below:

  • Electronic devices like:
    1. Mobile phones
    2. calculator
    3. Wristwatches
    4. Recorder
  • Spy reading glasses
  • Cameras
  • Earpiece
  • Bluetooth devices
  • USB
  • CD
  • Hard drive and other similar storage devices
  • Pen / ballpoint pen
  • intelligent lenses
  • Books or reading / writing materials
  • Ink / pen reader
  • Key holder
  • ATM cards
  • Erasers
  • smart rings / jewelry

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