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I have an opened pack of chalk on the sidewalk in my garage. You probably do too. Children just tend to the colorful chalk. Sidewalk chalk is an inexpensive, readily available material for playing and learning.

The best side-walk chalk activities are colorful, fun and invite you to think creatively.

Children hold sidewalk chalk to play the best activities on the sidewalk chalk for children

Take a few pieces, put them in a plastic bag and put them in your handbag so you can enjoy learning on the go. Try one or all of these fun children’s learning activities.

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Play and learn: the BEST activities for children on the sidewalk. Sidewalk Chalk Math, Sidewalk Chalk Reading, Sidewalk Chalk Science and more!

The best activities on the sidewalk for children

Of course, there is no limit to what you can do with it Chalk on the sidewalk (This is our favorite brand), but I hope these ingredients will inspire some new ways to play and learn outside of this summer.

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Child holding paper carrot with letter looking for rabbit footprint with sidewalk chalk outdoor.

LITERACY Themed Sidewalk Chalk Activities for children

Draw a letter of carrot and bounce to find the right letter in this super cute Sidewalk Chalk Bunny Alphabet game.

Child learns to read visual words while playing a sidewalk chalk visual word game

Grab 5-10 visual words you want to practice and try this Sidewalk Chalk Sight word game.

Make a lot of cookies and then go outside to learn your alphabet with this Sidewalk Chalk Alphabet Cookie Themed Game

Sidewalk Chalk Alphabet Cookie Themed fun inspired by when you give a mouse a cookie

Learn and zoom the ABC from the outside. Try this simple chalk activity on the sidewalk to practice the alphabet with children.

pete the cat movement game with buttons

You can even have fun with some of your favorite book characters like this Pete the Cat chalk game.

Skip the pre-made worksheets. Make letter matching roads in the middle of your driveway. Ideal for learning the letters, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Play and learn outdoors - letters matching streets

More love of letters! Who doesn’t love monsters? Make and stomp chalk monsters.

Math subjects Sidewalk chalk activities for children

Chalk numbers having fun outdoors with leaves

When all the leaves fall off, grab a bucket and head to the driveway to play this chalk number game with leaves for kids.

Make the classic sidewalk chalk hop scotch. Throw the stone, hop and count.

Draw a number line with the chalk on the sidewalk. Call the number and let the children jump from 0 to this number.

Working on addition and subtraction? Try the series of numbers again. Read or show the math problem this time. Have the child jump forward or backward to release them.

Choo Choo! Draw and learn numbers with this fun Counting Chalk Trains * This is a great game that you can use with a transportation learning theme.

Play and learn to play cars and paints outdoors

Throw a few colored circles on your driveway and let your kids sort their cars with this math activity for sorting car colors.

Make a giant chalk clock on the sidewalk. Use 2 toys or sticks as hands for the clocks. Practice telling the time!

SCIENCE and GLOBAL LEARNING Street chalk activities for children

Inspire children with this landmark activity and Math Sidewalk Chalk for older children for famous landmarks around the world.

Sidewalk chalk painting of Russian landmark

Learn about the earth with this chalk activity for kids.

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Explore your community and use chalk to model your city.

Chalk drawn city with streets in cardboard box and toy cars.

Go into the seasons with this colorful chalk game on the sidewalk, which even promotes hand coordination of the eyes.

Draw the planets in order. Do you want a challenge? Find out how to draw the distance between the planets to scale. Glitter chalk, like this one at Amazon, makes this whole project sparkle like the stars!

“Sidewalk chalk is great because we can build roads for our bikes in the driveway.” ~ Nicholas, 7 years old

2 boys play with chalk on the sidewalk

Even more chalk games for children

Try out the classic chalk activities and try painting on the sidewalk with siblings. This Chalk paint on the sidewalk is a whole different level of fun!

Try wet chalk drawings – dip the street chalk in a shallow bowl of water and then draw.

Chase the kids. Let them decorate their “chalk self”.

And the best chalk on the sidewalk Activity for kids of all time – just let them create!

Activities for children were offered on the sidewalk

What is your favorite method for kids playing with chalk? to save

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