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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday March 14th

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic is terrifying worldwide, while everyday life is becoming increasingly difficult for most people due to state restrictions on meetings and travel. Knows this love is the antidote to fear. Anxiety causes stress, sometimes severe stress, and this puts a heavy strain on your immune system, which can reduce its ability to deal effectively with the wide range of infections that it is exposed to in your normal daily life.

Your immune system is individually tailored to you. Therefore, people who receive organ transplants or undergo invasive treatments for serious diseases will need to take various types of medication for the rest of their lives to be immune, identify what has been implanted as an alien system, and try to disable it. Your immune system is a great self-healing infrastructure that is constantly on the lookout for new threats to your wellbeing, while at the same time constantly developing new forms of improvement to deal with the ever-changing environments in which you live your daily life. As new diseases emerge, it continually teaches new ways to deal with them by deactivating and resolving them as they enter your body, allowing healing to take place.

Some of you have an immune system that can handle the coronavirus better than others. As a result, many of you become infected, but not sick. Others suffer from flu-like symptoms that consume their energy and require time out to rest and recover, and for some, their immune systems will not be able to deactivate or reject the virus, and so they will lay their bodies down and on Return home where you get great reception.

So if you are one of those who lose someone who is close and dear to you – be it due to the corona virus or for some other reason – just remember that they are extremely well looked after as they enjoy theirs Adjust homecoming. And allow yourself enough time to mourn your loss and forgive yourself completely if you believe for any reason that you have hurt or insulted you in any way, and knows that they have definitely and lovingly forgiven you because there is only LOVE and they are now absolutely and fully aware of his joy and strength while resting in his loving embrace!

In these difficult times, keep resetting your intention to just love What ever arises. Concentrate your awareness on the fact that you are well advanced in your awakening process. When you do this, you will be strengthened and love can flow more easily and powerfully through you, strengthen your immune system and then go out to support and uplift all people who – knowingly or unknowingly – are involved in the awakening process. Your awakening is a closed thing, it is safe and you will experience it, along with the intense joy that accompanies it. As a pretty bad analogy, you could think of a movie that you’d really like to see. You know that the film has been released publicly and that the only question now is whether you can find the time and the purpose to watch it – it’s out there and you can watch it at any time. So when you wake up, it is waiting for your decision to deal with it.

Much of what is currently happening around the world is driving you very much to become aware of the need to change your perception of your worldview, of the interdependence of all your thoughts, words and actions and the need for this to modify or completely change certain beliefs and behaviors that you no longer serve and with which you have identified yourself for much of your life. In the illusion, dream or nightmare that you experience as a human being, a lot happens that has to change. And you, each one, by changing your perceptions and beliefs from fear to love, bring these essential changes to life. Make no mistake, your presence on Earth during this significant time in the spiritual development of humanity is most urgently needed. They all play a very important role in the collective awakening process, a role in which no one else is qualified or can replace you. Do not be alarmed by this thought, because each of you has everything you need to carry out and complete your tasks. Some of them can be physical acts that serve others, others can only be yourself by dropping the masks you got used to when you are not completely alone. When you allow yourself to be yourself and allow others to see you as the person you really are – kind, compassionate, loving – it encourages and persuades you to do the same.

If you all start to show yourself as you really are, instead of presenting yourself behind masks that limit others’ ability to recognize you because you fear that you may not be considered good enough, less competent, or even unacceptable, then big changes in the collective consciousness of humanity, what it means to be human, it will actually happen very quickly. Your self-confidence, which is expressed and demonstrated through your self-disclosure, will help others find the courage they need to do the same. And when that happens you will start to see the awakening that is going on all around you.

Your collective awakening is happening right now! So don’t be distracted by worldly events that are reported in a way that encourages fear. Now is the time to fully deal with love, with your true nature, and to consider everyone else as love, even if their actions or behaviors do not show this at the moment. By demonstrating love in action and seeing it in others – and nothing else – you most positively influence and accelerate the awakening process. Don’t wait for others to do it first! This only has a negative impact on the process. Trust Mother / Father / God, Source, Jesus, those in the spiritual realms to which you pray, your spiritual support team, and everyone with whom you interact because everyone is one, and that’s why you and you and we and we bring this wonderful moment in bloom.

With so much love, Saul.

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