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Corroded or destroyed is the word that occurs to me when I think of the current moment. If you have the feeling that everything was fine just a few days ago and fast forwarded to Friday, March 13, you can wait for the latest updates on Covid 19, the so-called Corona virus. A virus that found us all unprepared for such mass madness and the fear it caused.

I have to say that I have my point of view on all of this and while not being afraid of anything or anyone and using my free will and common sense and refusing to get excited about the current situation in any situation, this is how I feel for those affected or their families in immediate danger and had to interrupt their normal everyday life because of the virus.

Model: Alison, clothing from Destiny Helsinki and Alison

It was entertaining to read some articles in different media about hygiene, from how to wash your hands to how everyone should be aware of personal space, sneezing, etc. I think is it really necessary to point out something that is absolutely natural to me and falls under “normal” in my household? I think yes, because apparently a lot of people don’t have the best hygiene or don’t know how bad their hygiene is, although they may have thought that it wasn’t.

Wash your hands several times a day, drink lots of water, use hand disinfectants and do not touch everything and everyone is normal for my daily life, and I teach my daughter that too.

Model: Alison, clothing from Destiny Helsinki and Alison

However, the times we are in now are more than necessary. Unfortunately, I think this is just the beginning and some bigger and more deadly things can happen if we don’t learn anything from this corona virus situation. This world must be reset and people must stop voluntarily dedicating their lives and minds to the media and mass control operated by people who love to play God. People should be more aware of each other, less selfish, more aware and more responsible. Poor is the person who blindly follows what is said without questioning and agreeing to be manipulated by the installed fear.

Model: Alison, clothing from Destiny Helsinki and Alison

Nature never breaks its own rules … Why are we humans who are so clever, so progressive, so perfectly created and so stupid at the end of the day? When did we become hypnotized masses and when will we finally wake up?

Now is the time to DO SOMETHING and not to permit anything worse than this or the Australian wildfires on a larger scale. Think about it … you have the power to change the world, start with yourself.

All photographs by Natali K. Photography

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