News car for March 13th : E-COMMERCE MARKETING

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Lots of headlines about (you guessed it) corona virus and an update on conference cancellations and postponements.

Also in the podcast version thoughts on the broader effects of the virus on e-commerce retailers and thoughts on the financial markets.

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In the news

Corona virus affects the immediate spread of cancellations

US restrict travel from Europe, use SBA and tax deferral to boost the economy

  • From Friday midnight, the United States will limit the trip most European countries for 30 days, with exceptions for U.S. citizens, legitimate residents, and some other groups
  • Goods and freight are not subject to the ban, Trump later explained
  • Trump directed the SBA to provide low-interest loans and the Treasury Department to defer tax payments for companies affected by COVID-19

Amazon blocks new offerings for coronavirus safety equipment amid price cuts

  • Amazon no longer accepts requests to sell “disposable face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes / sprays, isopropyl alcohol, or related products.”
  • Existing listings will be removed if they erode buyers in violation of the terms fair pricing policy

New invoice could make Amazon, eBay liable for counterfeits

  • The bipartisan SHOP SAFE Act, sponsored by four members of the House of Representatives, would target e-commerce companies that don’t do enough to monitor counterfeit sellers
  • Requires websites to apply best practices, such as: B. an improved verification of the seller and faster switch-off processes, or that they are jointly responsible under trademark law
  • A copy of the full invoice text can be found here Herewith a section-by-section analysis Here

Mailchimp acquires business-oriented courier

  • Courier, based in London, produces a magazine, newspaper, podcast and events to train entrepreneurs and small businesses every two months

Corporations help coronavirus workers

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