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Along with coffee and food, street art is a cultural icon of Melbourne’s central business district. The many alleys offer some of the best Australian street art with the artwork of hundreds of local and international artists. As an art lover, I am always interested in discovering new works of art in the city, and I spend time discovering them new and best Melbourne street art.

Now let me take you on a virtual walk of the best Graffiti artwork in Melbourne.

Street art Melbourne

Why visit Melbourne street art?

I think seeing art while walking around the city is a more natural way of getting closer to art. Secondly, Graffiti art is more popular because it becomes part of many renovation and urban refurbishment projects. In addition, local graffiti artists have the task of not just decorating old buildings. But it also aims to bring culture back to the city by redesigning urban life and making it a more inviting and inspiring place.

Street art themes

I was amazed at the beauty of works of art that I came across recently when I was walking through Melbourne’s alleys. They cover such a variety of topics and cover different patterns that have illustrated Melbourne’s cultural journey over the years.

There are hundreds of street art themes: from food, lifestyle, music, singers, actors, art deco, legends, fairy tales to New Age and more. Street art in Melbourne is not boring. On the contrary, it is constantly changing and so inspiring. Remember that no graffiti murals stay there forever. And very few stay there for years. In some streets and alleys of the city, the art works change weekly, on some days, for a few months. On your street art walk, be sure to take lots of photos of the artwork that may not be available on your next trip to Melbourne.

Colorful street art on Degraves Street Melbourne

Best Melbourne Graffiti Lanes with Map

If you visit Melbourne, I can recommend a stay at the CBD. From Federation Square, you can start your self-guided tour of Melbourne’s business district on the free trams. While Hosier Lane, ACDC Lane and Union Lane are the most famous streets in Melbourne for art, some other street art alleys are probably less well known, but still have many excellent works of art by local artists.

Bushfire Koalas Street Art in Melbourne
Koalas Graffiti 2019

There is a Map of Melbourne Street Art websites online. However, some of the entries may not be updated as the artwork changes over time. The best thing to do is wander and be inspired. Now let’s dive into some of Melbourne’s best graffiti.

Hosier Lane

While Hosier Lane is not my favorite street, there are some great works of art in it. It is number one for Melbourne Street Art. Indeed it is a trendy street and the most famous among travelers. Just two minutes’ walk from Federation Square, Hosier Lane easily attracts thousands of tourists who flock here every day to take photos.

In addition, it is the central place where Tagger spoil the works of art with black doodles over the paintings. Here are some of the photos I took the last time I visited Hosier-Lane Street Art.

Changing street art on Hosier Lane

There is also some permanent street art on Hosier Lane. And the picture you see below is one of them.

Permanent works of art on Hosier Lane


You can walk through the central alleys Degraves Lane up to Union Lane and on to ACDC Lane This is one of my favorite places for street art in the heart of Melbourne. On one of my visits, I was lucky enough to take photos of these fantastic purple artworks dedicated to Prince alongside the Cherry Bar music.

ACDC Lane Melbourne Street Art

The nearby Duckboard space has some great street art pieces like this.

Walking man with tree - Melbourne Street Art

Higson Lane

Higson Lane is a very hidden street art lane in Melbourne near AC / DC Lane that you won’t find on any map. This is famous for the fact that various graffiti present public people around the world. Here are a few about Elton John, Assange, Joker and many more.

Blender Lane

Blender LaneClose to Queen Victoria’s markets is one of Melbourne’s most famous streets, which is a vibrant hub for local graffiti artists in the city. There are also the Blender Lane Artist MarketIt is worthwhile to find out if you are in the city. Festivals, events and workshops are also organized regularly. I took this photo from the back end of Franklin Street behind the backpacker hostel.

Franklin Street Art Melbourne

Collingwood and Fitzroy

Once you’ve crossed the central street art streets, there are other places not to be missed, and some of them are also full of pretty restaurants. You can explore further and go to Collingwood Fitzroy graffiti, just 20 minutes walk from town.

Melbourne Street Art
Beautiful old building in Fitzroy Melbourne
Collingwood murals

Johnson Street in Collingwood is the significant place where you can see some of the best murals in Melbourne. It’s a pretty long way along Johnson Street with lots of back alleys and streets. You can spend hours traversing the area back and forth. With funky little shops selling antiques and quirky things, it’s an exciting place if you love art. Some of the graffiti murals that I liked, among these great works of art, are the iconic Vespa and the abstract painting of the child’s face.

Continue on Johnson Street the easy street to bump into an iconic Melbourne building the end-to-end building, There are three old railway wagons on the roof that have been turned into a night bar. This makes this area really unique for street art.

On all buildings around Easy Street and Budd Streetyou can admire many different types of street art and graffiti. I liked the artistic decoration of this gray building with these quirky huge flowers and birds painted in black and white tones.

End-to-end Melbourne Street Art building

In this area you will find many more portraits of famous people, animals and many other interesting motifs. Love the wall art with the wolf.

The Wolf Collingwood - Melbourne Street
Fitzroy graffiti art

If you keep walking from Budd Street, you end up in Brunswick Streetand there you enter another large and unique area for Top Street Art Melbourne. The main project is that Rose parking lotThe entire area nearby shows more artists.

You will not miss it the Grace CafeI went in to take a look at the artworks and they were breathtaking!

Grace Cafe Rose CarPark

The exterior is also spectacular, a mural that portrays a fraction of Michelangelo’s famous painting in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Below you will find some works of art from the colorful rose car park.

The nearby Rose Street hosts the Rose Street Market with many local art stalls on Sunday.

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A Guide to the Best Street Art in Melbourne

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