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Material for making egg hangers

I love having flowers in the house. It is sweet and brings a touch of color. Since it’s almost Easter, I think the idea of ​​using egg shells as vases is very smart. It’s pretty, cheap, and perfect for spring decoration.
Instead of using eggshell vases as the center of the table or displaying them on a cupboard, I’ll show you how to make a wall decor.

You can fill the little egg vases with any flower you like. It works well with wildflowers.

It’s a super simple and entertaining craft that can be made with just a few supplies. You can watch the video and read the following tutorial to get all the details.

Materials for a seasonal DIY wall hanging

  • rope
  • Wooden beads
  • Dowels
  • Wooden rings
  • scissors
  • Egg shells (or other small decorative items you want to display)

To get a clean eggshell, first wash it with water and a little soap. Then crack them, try to open them and leave the bottom part a little larger than the top. Clean the inside with clear water and let it dry. Once the egg is dry, you can peel off the membrane inside. That’s it, your eggshell is ready to be crafted. Don’t forget to bake something delicious with the eggs!

Create a seasonal egg hanger

Cut 8 strands of rope, pass a bead through one end and tie a knot to hold the rope together.

Use a rope to create a wall hanger

To create the small basket in which you lay the eggshell, divide the strands into groups of 2. Fasten the rope two times two with a knot. Try to make all the knots 1 inch from the pearl.

DIY egg habger with rope

Then take a rope from one set of ropes and then one of the ropes from the adjacent set and tie a knot with both. Repeat this process with the other rope strand to get four knots, more or less 1 inch from the first set of knots.

Create an Easter wall decor

Pass all rope ends through a wooden ring and tie a knot with another rope strand. To achieve a nice finish, wrap the rope and cut off the extra rope length.

Next, run the entire egg holder through the dowel. Attach a rope to each end of the dowel and hang it on the wall. Place an egg shell in each rope holder, fill it with a little water and decorate it with flowers. Don’t you think that these fresh flowers make a sweet spring decor?

As you can see, I set it up Egg vases At different heights I will give you the rope lengths that I used: 19 inches – 21 inches – 23 inches and 25 inches. (48, 53, 58 and 63 cm). You can adjust the dimensions if you want.

DIY seasonal wall hanging, Easter inspiration

You can view natural flowers, in this case choose small ones and cut the stem short. I found that wildflowers look really cute in the wall holder. If you want, you can also display dry or artificial flowers.

This seasonal DIY wall mount is very versatile and you can display all small items like colored eggs or pretty pebbles. Don’t hesitate to be creative and share your ideas on what to show in comments.

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How to make an Easter wall hanging decor

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