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I am joining the Thrifty Style team again to bring you a cheap or free decoration idea! When I design a room or decorate a room, I firmly believe in practicing what I preach and buying my home first! It is important that you buy your home in a new look as a first step, since most of us already have enough things in attics and in basements. We have a lot of things in our garage that we affectionately call “number 1 fire hazard”. With this method, it was easy to do a free living room makeover. It just meant being creative and changing a little furniture.

Winter after vacation living room with a touch of white and rustic boho decor

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We have always had the yellow since 2008 Couch on which my father grew up in our living room and another vintage couch. We had both salvaged because the original fabric was so brittle. I wanted a fresh look and both of them have done pretty well in the past 11 years. A few years ago, We put new furniture in our underground spaceand I thought changing the couches could be a great way to get a brand new look without spending a single cent.

No Money Living Room Makeover for a completely new look.

The hardest thing was to walk the underground stairs with the sofas and the narrow corners. But we did it pretty well. We had to jockey one couch into one room before pulling the other in. We managed to argue them up and down to do the swap with minimal swearing, so that was a plus.

As soon as we finished everything, everything fit together and then I was so excited that I wondered why we hadn’t done it earlier!

Boho natural modern inspired mid-century living room

I kept the gray chair upstairs because it fits the couch so well. It really makes the whole room so much more connected! I also moved my poor palm from below. It just didn’t get enough light, as you can see it is a small brown leaf. I’ll probably cut that off when a new one shows up. You will find one similar pot he is here.

Boho modern living room with plants

I added an olive tree to a large basket from another room on the Coffee table (This was mixed up and down the stairs quite often.)

Abstract art, olive tree in a basket and chair from the mid-century

On the other wall, I placed the gray chair that was already in the living room under one of my abstract works of art. You will find one similar summary here.

Love this living room with plants and colorful carpets, swap furniture and buy your house in this free living room makeover!

I would love to change the curtains and get something more geometric, but that doesn’t fit into the free living room makeover theme today, so it will be on my future list.

Coat decor with brass candlesticks, white vases and dried grass

On the mantelpiece, I redesigned it with some white vases from around the house and kept my brass candle holders.

Newly designed mantelpiece decoration with brass candlesticks, white vases and rabbit tail grass

I hung one up Artwork by Minted from a few years ago that had been hanging in our entrance. I absolutely love how versatile it was. I had it pretty much everywhere in our house.

Minted abstract art used in Boho Modern Living Room Makeover

I love how I can get a completely new room by simply changing the furniture between the rooms! I am now refreshing the ground floor with all the furniture upstairs so I can show you soon!

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