Nadia Aboulhosn: pink and cherry Fashion

Impressive. I love using shamelessly cute dogs as props in my photos. LOL! Look how cute she is. Now look at how cute I am. Thank you very much. I have this Dr. Martens boots actually left in my parents’ house in Florida and thought, oh hi, I’m going to wear them now that I’m back in town. The exact boots I’m wearing are those Dr. Martens 1460 8 eyes leather boots in cherry.

I went shopping with my mother at JCPenney and found them pink pants lay folded on a table. They also come in a brown color and have this too. Every time I can wear something oversized, I wear something oversized. I am wearing a size XL, although I could really fit a large one. They were sold for $ 12 and still are!

You can buy all of these other parts that I’m wearing in the slider below. x

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