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How productive are you? Use these keys to check productivity

Productivity is essential for everyone. Whether you run a business alone, work for your boss, or work from home, you need this thing called productivity.

If you have your own company, you will see that you are productive yourself and you also want your staff team to be productive.

When you work for your boss, you are accountable to them and they want you to be productive.

And you are also responsible to yourself because you are paid for what you do and your future career or life depends on your current performance.

When you work from home, you can’t be unproductive just because no one is watching you.

Your real purpose of working from home is at risk if you don’t make enough efforts to increase your productivity.

So let’s do a fact check to see how productive you are.

Do you have a goal

If you have no goal, you are not sure what you are working on. In this case, how can you expect to be productive?

I mean there are two basic relationships between a goal and productivity as a measure:

If you have no goal

(i) you have nothing to edit

(ii) or you don’t know exactly what to work on (but there is something you need to work on).

In either case, you either don’t work at all or you don’t work effectively.

In case (ii) you put all your effort, hard work and energy into it, but you don’t know where to focus it.

Therefore, all of your hard work is wasted since things are not rationalized.

They seem to be busy all day, but they won’t accomplish anything meaningful at the end of the day.



If you are passionate about what you are working on …

You don’t have to wait for the right time, a comfortable zone or a convenient situation to work towards your goal. So it is very important that you start working on things that you are passionate about.

While it is important that you choose a business idea that is profitable, you also need to see if you have a passion for that particular idea.

I’m not saying you should stick to your passion and forget about profitability.

You should have both in the right proportions so you can run a profitable business without feeling like work or jumping off the car!



When I had a full-time job (as a medical physics scientist, not just 9-5, but more; you know, it’s research), a family that I had to look after, and my personal self that I was had to take care of me. I regularly spend time blogging every day.

Even today, as a full-time blogger, I write content every day, refine my blog articles, write guest posts, me take care of the design, Administrative and other administrative tasks related to my blogs and those of my customers and so on.

But I don’t feel like I’m being squeezed even though I am. By default, engagement comes when I have a passion for doing what I love.

The fact that I feel committed to what I do makes me productive. I don’t just work hard, I work work smart because of my passion and dedication.


In general, a disciplined person can get a lot out of the time and resources available and can therefore easily prove productive.

A disciplined person is organized. There is very little chance of constantly looking at lost things and wasting valuable working time.

A disciplined person has goals and action plans. They know where to concentrate their energy and hard work.

They also know how to achieve something, that’s the real way to achieve something.

A disciplined person is aware of the waste of time like watching TV, senseless surfing, senseless writing and chatting, endless reading online or offline (without using the content or taking action) and so on.

A disciplined person has many good habits that increase their productivity. And they have less bad habits to waste their time and energy.

Be organized

Be organized

This simply follows from a disciplined lifestyle. As I said, you cannot prevent a disciplined person from being organized.

You can get a file or paper from your desk or shelf when you need it.

If you spend an enormous amount of time figuring things out, this will be a great success for your productivity.

If you are organized, you have already figured out most things, remembered them (or made them easier to remember), so you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Your productivity doesn’t depend on your time to attempt to work, but it depends more on the time you actually work.

Do you have these keys If not, work on those you miss.

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