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With the spring break just around the corner, where little may be happening on campus, but just when the COVID 19 virus spreads across the country shows no signs of slowing down, we felt it was necessary to be proactive and think a little ahead with it REL students, faculty and staff know that at least some things will be sorted out for the coming weeks.

Because the experts continue to tell us that not only regular hand washing, etc., but also maintaining a strategic social distance are crucial elements to curb the spread of the disease – and even advise against attending unnecessary major events or engaging in unnecessary travel – we thought it advisable to cancel some of our upcoming events now:

– The 18th yearbook Aronov lecture, on April 6th, with our guest lecturer, who comes to Alabama from New York, was canceled and will be postponed for the fall semester.

– The 7th yearbook Undergraduate Research Symposium on March 26 is canceled.

– The 19th yearbook Reception on REL Honors Day on the balcony, on April 3, is also canceled; Instead, the award winners will receive letters in the coming weeks.

Partly because we are currently not sure what the university will do in the coming weeks, it hurts us to send this message now. However, one of our top priorities is to ensure that our students, staff and teaching staff stay healthy and informed.

Be healthy during the spring vacation and stay in touch with the UA news if there is an announcement regarding classes after the spring vacation.

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