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We like to grow peppers in our greenhouse. We plant some in the ground, but we also grow peppers in containers. If you’re wondering how big a container a pepper plant really needs, this article will interest you.

It takes a long time to germinate peppers – as in, it can take 2 weeks for them to break through the soil after planting the seeds. That is the first thing you need to know.

Pepper seedlings sit on a windowsill.

How to grow pepper seedlings indoors

We start our peppers in styrofoam cups (which we often reuse – I’m just sure I wash them out well). The year I took these photos, I sowed the cups in early April.

The photo above was taken on May 6th. This shows you how slow growing pepper plants are. So be patient when growing pepper from seeds.

I like to leave them beautiful and root-bound in the cups before I plant them in larger pots.

Sometimes we plant the peppers directly in the soil in the greenhouse. This depends on the outside temperatures as our greenhouse is not heated.

Bell peppers in containers

Here healthy peppers are waiting to be planted in the greenhouse. We have a mix of peppers, paprika and Spicy pepperoni.

Peppers planted in the greenhouse floor.

Transplant pepper plants

These bell peppers were planted directly from the styrofoam cup into the ground. The black jugs hold water and give the seedlings only a little warmth with the daytime sun.

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Pepperoni in pots

These peppers were transplanted from the cups into 2-gallon pots. Lots of space to get big! Each plant is labeled with the variety.

I glue small pieces of it biodegradable styrofoam peanuts in the drainage holes. Excess water can still leak, but I think it saves water.

Peppers in pots on the porch

I like to have a few pepper plants on the porch because the leaves are so beautiful when they are beautiful and healthy. These pots are smaller than 2 gallon pots, but still have plenty of room for them to grow.

Fruit pepper plants in the greenhouse

Fruit peppers in the greenhouse. We run Drip hose around the plants and set the watering on a timer, which saves us a lot of time every day.

This year, ALL peppers will be in pots because we need space in the greenhouse to grow runner beans.

Paprika grows in containers

You can see that peppers can be filled in containers of all sizes. You can make a pepper in a small saucepan.

If you have large round pots, plant 3 pepper plants there.

Since peppers require sun and heat, be sure to place them outdoors under these conditions. If you have a concrete retaining wall, walkway, or patio, put a few pots of peppers on the concrete.

You will love and appreciate the extra warmth that the sun absorbs on the concrete.

So really …

How big is a container that a pepper plant needs?

Let me explain what happened. For a year I had no more space and put peppers in the greenhouse floor.

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We had so many plants that I also used up all the 2-gallon pots I had.

After planting, I had a few styrofoam cups with pepper plants left. These are the original reused coffee cups in which I started the seeds.

I left them on the greenhouse shelf until I could scrape open more containers to put these peppers in.

But … life happened and I didn’t get to it.

I kept it simple irrigation the seedling cups every day while I checked the rest of the vegetables. Here is a picture of the end result!

Paprika fruits in polystyrene cups

Each of these plants has 3 peppers and they have even taken on color! So you don’t have to plant peppers in huge pots.

Check out the size of these peppers in these tiny cups!

So don’t ask yourself how big a container a pepper plant really needs – just find a small pot and get started.

Think about what you could grow yourself in a normal size flowerpot. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, you can easily grow peppers in small containers.

This year we are determined to grow and harvest a lot of peppers. The peppers are preserved by dehydration, pickling and maybe even in jelly.

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