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We often say that home staging is marketing. Our main stager Monica Flowers has a marketing background and is currently in the school for interior design. In the video above she plans how a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms can be staged.

Monica has been staging for Rave for two years. How did she make such a big transition? It all started with an internship.

Back to school

Monica did not see interior design as an option when she was in college.

“When I applied to college at 17 and didn’t know what to do, I jumped to a couple of different majors,” she said. “Started in psychology, switched to graphic design and then ended with marketing and communication with a minor in graphic design. I wanted to advertise. I wanted to do a Super Bowl commercial. “

After college, she moved to North Carolina with her husband. There she worked in sales for a while, but could not imagine staying in this industry for a long time. Interior design was a matter of course for her, and starting school seemed like the best next step.

“I’ve always had a knack for interior design,” said Monica. “My father had his own construction company, he was a building contractor, so I always had to help him build things in the back yard and so on. One of my uncles is an architect in New Orleans, and my cousin is actually an interior designer. I think creativity is in the family. “

Staging is not just interior design

Knowing good interior design is not enough to be a good home artist. When you stage, you don’t just make the house look good. They market it to a very specific type of buyer. But the fields are close enough that Monica, when given the opportunity to practice at Rave, used them.

“When you stage a house, you stage for a certain population and think of psychographics and the potential buyer,” she said. “While it is very specific to your customer when it comes to interior design, something that works for a customer in the design field may not be the best choice for someone who wants to stage their home.”

Working with older houses

Monica said that one of the most challenging houses she has ever staged was an older house in Orange Park. It was very large – 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 3 living rooms – and since it was an older house, it had no open floor plan.

While it had been on the market for a long time, the sale didn’t take long after the staging. It was sold within a month.

“I know that a lot of people who looked at the house probably thought of it as a small, cramped space since these open floor plans are now really there,” said Monica. “But it really helped them come in and stage it. In fact, it was the same buyer who had previously looked at it who came back and bought it after it was staged. You could imagine yourself in the room as soon as the furniture was in the house. “

Spatial planning and interior design

A house has to be functional, not just aesthetic. This means that a good flow of traffic through the house is guaranteed. When you walk through a house, you don’t want to run to the back of a couch.

“Think about how people will live and function in a house,” she said. “I see how Stager work online and the houses are beautiful, but the furniture is placed very formally. In most cases, there may be a sofa facing two occasional chairs and no console in the room to indicate where you will place your television. Although the room is beautiful, it is not properly planned for this population group. “

This is especially true for small houses. When a rabbit sets up the only living room in a house for conversation, there is no place to watch TV.

You don’t want buyers to think, “This is the only room I can put my TV in. Where will my children sit to watch TV?”

Pet Peeves

If Monica could change anything in the home staging industry, what would it be?

“Please stop using tiny carpets!” She said with a laugh. “It’s not often that I ever have to use a 5 × 7. At least 8×10, if it fits, 9 × 12.”

Monica Flowers, at the School of Interior Design, the lead stager for rave home stagingMonica Flowers was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been at home in Jacksonville, FL since 2017. After graduating in interior design from FSCJ, Monica plans to work towards an NCIDQ certification. In addition to her love of staging and design, Monica also likes to express her creative side through macrame and modern calligraphy, and cook and spend time with her husband and dog Poboy.

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