What is the parade of houses? Home Staging

The Parade of Homes is a brand presentation of new and remodeled homes in the United States. It is also known as the Tour of Homes in some regions. It includes single family homes, condominiums, maisonettes and townhouses. This year the 67th annual parade of homes in Orlando is just around the corner and we are very proud to be a gold sponsor!

The parade of houses is one wonderful event to visit when you are looking for a new house to buy or when you are redesigning your home. You will discover innovations in housing, energy efficiency, sustainable architecture and interior design that will inspire you. Visit the parade in Orlando to see some of the best homes in Central Florida. You have the opportunity to experience over 100 beautiful homes in the Orlando area.

About the parade of houses

The parade of houses is often presented by the local Home Builders Association (“HBA”) or the Building Industry Association (“BIA”). In Orlando it is organized by the Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA). The Minnesota parade, launched in 1948 by the first home tour organization, Housing First Minnesota, is the largest in the nation.

Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA) logo

Some locations offer free tours, while others require an admission ticket. In Orlando, the parade consists of free, self-guided tours. This year you can do your tour from May 2nd to 10th between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Is it an actual parade?

No, the parade of houses is not a real parade. It is a self-guided tour of the best homes currently available on the market.

Experience the parade of houses

If you want to take part in the parade, here are some tips to get the best experience.

Home staging by MHM Professional Home Staging for the Orlando Parade of Homes

Get a guide

The first thing you want to do is get your guide. You can download the guide free of charge from the Parade of Homes website. You can also pick them up at points of entry and at Trustco Banks for the duration of the parade. The travel guide contains a comprehensive list of the participating houses and their location.

Plan your parade route

It is best to plan your parade route (with the help of your guide) so you can ensure that you visit all the houses you want to see efficiently.

Take part in the parade

If you have planned your route, you can be inspired and be inspired by the beautiful houses. You will probably go with lots of new ideas for your own home or even a new idea for a new home!

Home staged by MHM Professional Home Staging for the Parade of Homes Orlando

Assess deadlines

Many of the houses in the parade of houses are awarded prizes. There are four entry categories in the Orlando parade of houses, including Remodel, New Homes, Developer and Specialty Design. The category remodel includes interior and exterior renovation, interior renovation / addition and whole house renovation. The “new houses” category includes single-family houses, multi-family houses and special designs. The Developer category includes Community + 3 models. Finally, Specialty Design includes interior design, kitchen / bathroom, pool / spa and landscaping.

The parade will take place on Thursday, April 30th and Friday, May 1st. The big judging will take place on Friday, May 8th.

Staging for the parade

MHM Professional Staging is a member of GOBA, the organizers of the Orlando Parade of Homes. Over the years, we have won over a dozen and more GOBA awards staged many award-winning parade houses. This year we are proud to be a gold sponsor of the event.

Even though the registration for entering a house in the event has been closed, this does not mean that you cannot stage your house yet! With more than a decade of experience in home staging, we can still make your home look like an award-winning parade home. Request a home staging consultation for your home today!

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