Honey, I shrunk our house with plants again Garden Design

Today’s blog is about how easy it is to expand your plant family and grow out of your space.

Don’t you just love these beautiful green babies that you buy in kindergartens and markets?

The cute little philodendrons, calatheas and rubber trees. They are ready to take photos and look fantastic on your windowsill and desk. They love the fact that they fit until they no longer fit.

(Good to know: No plant is actually a houseplant. It is only a matter of plants that have been identified in accordance with the living conditions in the interior and which mimic their natural growth conditions.)

You see, almost every houseplant we love comes from tropical or subtropical climates. What does that mean? Well, in the tropics and subtropics, size matters, especially with the plants that we often buy for our homes. It is often plants that have to survive under large tree tops, constant moisture and poor soil. So little light, little wind, and large amounts of foliage mean you have to survive by sticking to everything you can to gain as much height as possible, and most importantly, to do photosynthesis, you need leaf area, large leaf areas.

Let’s look at a fan favorite. Monstera deliciosa. They are probably the most famous of their family and look fantastic in small pots when they start to sprout. The heart-shaped leaves with the large cavities have become a symbol for indoor plants. However, sellers fail to inform you that these sheets are becoming gigantic, on average they span more than a meter and put you and your apartment in the shade.

Next comes, for example, the equally admired rubber tree family or Ficus audrey & Ficus elastica. It looks like this, fills the void and has some stunning glossy leaves, but at the end of the day it is a fig and in the botanical world figs are known to survive any state, but mostly they love to grow. They gain more weight than a sumo wrestler before the season and never stop growing. Make the mistake of planting one next to a wall outside and it will crack your foundations and do you more harm than pleasure. The biggest problem with figs is that they often become too big for our houses, find their way out and then simply take over. Better try bonsaiing, you will keep it small and still be able to admire it.

I’m not saying that buying or growing these plants is wrong in any way. I just want most plant parents to know that you should research your purchase carefully before committing to buying a potential giant.

Blog written by

Mark Mac Hattie.

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