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You have heard it before. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

When it comes to selling your home, professional home organizer Leona Piro says first impressions are key! She spoke to News 8 about how you can stage your home and increase your chances of being offered.

“This room has a beautiful view and I think that’s one of the biggest selling points of this house – to be able to see nature with a clear view,” said Piro.

She says one big mistake that sellers make is too much clutter. Point out in a house:

“The first thing we see is this oversized vase, and although it is a beautiful decorative object, it really doesn’t work for the staging because we want to focus on nature as soon as we walk through the front door. Piro said.

The kitchen presentation is also important.

“You want to show as much space as possible on the counter, and the height of the cookbook is too high here too.” I would replace that with a bowl of fresh fruit. “

Before and after, pictures of another house show how moving furniture and removing clutter opens up space and features like drawing attention to a fireplace.

She also recommends:

  • Make sure the house is immaculate
  • Cupboards organized
  • Remove personal pictures and collections
  • If necessary, apply a fresh layer of neutral color
  • No pets during the show

“Many people have allergies or don’t like pets,” said Piro. “Once they know there is a pet in the house, they look for signs of scratches and smells, so it’s better to have the pets away.”

She also recommends removing busy carpets.

“What you want to see in a house is that the rooms are large and spacious. If you change the floor area, a room is optically chopped up, especially if it has a high contrast.”

Finally, she recommends replacing dark and heavy furniture, removing heavy window treatments, and ensuring that the windows are clean – all you can do to hopefully increase your chances of getting an offer.

Watch the video HERE

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