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Gear assemblyThe manufacturing industry is shifting to Software as a Service (SaaS). This is mainly due to increasing competition, where every manufacturer wants to gain a competitive advantage. SaaS from Andonix offers manufacturers numerous benefits, including improving efficiency and ease of use, service point of view, and distribution from a supply chain.

Why the manufacturing sector is switching to SaaS

SaaS offers a variety of advantages, which is why many manufacturing industries are switching to it. Some of the main reasons for this are highlighted below.

A single truth version

A SaaS network enables collaboration between team members, partners, customers and devices to create a seamless connection and communicate. This is a seismic shift from previous models in which data was stored in silos, resulting in limited collaboration and disruption in information gathering. SaaS can use a single, consolidated database that provides a single version of the truth, promotes consistency, and clears silos. SaaS enables improved and more comprehensive analysis because users have a single set of information to extract meaningful data.

Improve cooperation

Before there were many walled environments. Information silos existed between employees and suppliers. They also existed between departments of the same company that worked against the goals of most manufacturing companies. With a SaaS network, employees, suppliers, partners and customers can access a single ERP database via the cloud. This enables the consolidation of company information. This provides analysis tools with a range of accurate data from which meanings, measurements and trends can be extracted.

A shift of resources to new innovations and technologies

The traditional ERP software, which is versioned, does not allow users and companies to freely collaborate and share. This helps curb progress, since data is stored in different locations and software versions that are incompatible, which restrict collaboration, are incompatible. Such factors slow down the introduction of innovations and inhibit the rapid development of technology. SaaS cloud hosting eliminates version control and software upgrades with a single line of code. This saves effort, time and money.Technician coding

To enable extensive adjustments

Highly customized solutions generally burden customers with limited time. Ideally, the need for extensive adjustments to SaaS tends. Such customers risk missing out on some of the latest related versions. The latest versions typically offer a variety of upgrades and benefits, such as: B. Improved operational efficiency, more cost savings and improved adaptability.

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