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Road races are not only dangerous, they are also excluded from many auto insurance companies. Understand your risks and take precautions to avoid being the victim of aggressive driving accidents.

Crowded highways and traffic safety devices sometimes cause drivers to lose control and become extremely aggressive. Street hustle and bustle is a real problem that can lead to serious accidents or even violence on the street.

It is important to know that hustle and bustle is listed as an exception in many cases Car insurance. This is because damage or liability caused by aggressive driving is not considered an accident, but caused by risky behavior.

Instead of taking the risk of paying the consequences of the hustle and bustle – one of which may be that your auto insurance claim is not paid – the best thing to do is to avoid a dangerous and costly aggressive driving incident.

When you encounter an aggressive driver on the road …

  • Stay as far away as possible. Drive slower or change lanes if necessary. Let the driver overtake you and make room at intersections to drive away.
  • Write down a description of the vehicle and note the number plate if possible so that you can report him or her to the police to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Do not deal with the perpetrator and do not challenge him in any way. Ignore the impoliteness of the driver and do not give in to the temptation to respond in kind, otherwise you could escalate the risky behavior.
  • Put your security first. If an aggressive driver follows you, keep your doors locked and go to the nearest police station. Never stop and face an aggressive driver.

If you have a short backup yourself, stay cool and …

  • Leave enough time to get where you need to go. If you are in a hurry, your patience will be short and you are much more likely to get worse.
  • Remember that other drivers are not deliberately annoying you. People make mistakes or slow down for a reason – they may be lost or their eyesight may be affected by sun glare.
  • Do not use hand or single finger gestures unlike a wave to someone who gets you on your trail.
  • Slow drivers of the tailgate do not. Hanging on the rear bumper of another car is dangerous. If the car has to stop briefly in front of you and you leave it behind, the accident is considered your fault.
  • Don’t insist on honking. Leaning on the horn is bad practice. While you may feel better expressing your frustration in traffic jams, no one will drive faster, it is annoying to other drivers and passengers, and it increases everyone’s stress, which can lead to more aggressive behavior.
  • Never stop to face another driver. This could lead to a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

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