Oh, BOO HOO … We (Muslim invaders) have broken into their country (Greece) and the Greeks are not treating us well : Islam

I recommend to the Greek police and border guards that they have done their job by preventing people we don’t want from entering Europe instead of these idiots returning to the shitty hole they crawled out of, and it repair, fight for it, as my own father did in World War II and repaired the continent after World War II, so what kind of men want free things for themselves and their families, they’re cowards, low life, low IQ and Europe already has more as enough, send them all to Saudi Arabia … oops I forgot … Saudi doesn’t want any of them as the kings say these people could pose a threat to their kingdom … they’re as racist as they are ?

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Learn not to touch your face : MINIMALIST

The world has never been destroyed so much; PARTICULARLY IN MODERN TIMES: Christianity