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We are asked by health professionals not to touch our faces. Touching our face is a safe and easy way to transfer germs from our hands to our bodies. But it’s hard not to touch your face. We often do that without thinking about it.

I have a lot of experience not to touch my face. After my lung transplant almost seven years ago, I was told to be careful and not touch my face when I’m on the go. My immune system is weakened because I have to take anti-rejection medication. So I had to learn how to adapt healthy habits.

In the video, I share some simple ways to make your hands and face more conscious so you don’t touch your face as much. I encourage you to see it. I have been less sick since the transplant because I was more careful.

At first glance, it seems to be a burden to adapt new health habits. It can look strange and strange and neurotic. But I’ve found that one of the wonderful things about it is that I value being alive and healthy. These are the two most important things that I have in my life. I know because I haven’t been healthy for a while and almost lost my life. Both things sucked.

There is a lot of news about the Corona virus. It is easy to feel panicked. When you focus on the things that you can do, you can feel calmer. The outside world is too big to control. But paying attention to washing your hands a lot and doing your best not to touch your face are positive measures you can take today to increase your chances of a good stay. I hope you stay healthy!

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