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When we first set foot on Canadian soil, we had a little idea of ​​the country. The culture and the people were different than in the past in Southeast Asia.

For readers who have never known me, my name is Ben ( I worked as a foreign foreign worker in Singapore. I worked in a Singaporean company and was used as technical support for customers in Southeast Asia.

Life is financially good, but the downside is that I’m far from my family. Then I realized that I had to find a way to be with them for the rest of my life. The only way to be with them is to emigrate to Canada.

Newcomers to Canada
As newcomers, we saw some things that were strange to us. Rice is not seen in most restaurants and was soon spotted in some Asian shops. The races are varied. There are Filipinos, Africans, Italians, Russians, Middle Easters, Vietnamese, Jamaicans, Europeans and others.

Although we can get information on the process of receiving benefits and legal documents from the Internet or from Canadian government agencies, we still need someone to advise us on surviving in Canada. All of the information we received was valuable to us. We follow what our friends and relatives tell us.

How I founded MM2C
When I was in the Philippines and Singapore, I said to myself, if I only had someone or a community where I could ask questions about immigration to Canada, I would be the happiest applicant. Although I have come to forum pages and am very helpful in telling us stories and giving good advice in the form of text and few photos, I need something where I can also see the latest scenes from Canada. I have not come into a community where they share videos about immigrant life in Canada.

Because of this obstacle, I created a community Facebook page. The aim is to create a medium in which we can exchange information via videos and photos. The eye is the strongest data sponge in our body. We get the most experience through our eyes.

Since I called my website MeMovingToCanada, I decided to call it MM2C for short. The Facebook page I created is called MM2C Community. In this community I can exchange information mainly about videos and photos. This is the best way to show what Canada looks like in the eyes of immigrants who went to Canada hoping for a better future.

If you want to join the community. Visit the Facebook page MM2C community To learn more about Canada through videos and to expect:

– See the hilly streets of Vancouver, British Columbia
– Check out the Calgary and Edmonton Airfields
– Learn about the diversity of Toronto
– French speaking in Quebec
– The shore of the east coast, New Brunswick

Links to help you with your trip to Canada:

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