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I was thinking of getting these quick and simple stars to add a touch of light to any Christmas gift, Christmas card, ornament, wreath … really anywhere! As usual, I work with my favorite material (cereal box board), but you can choose any other box you like.

• Make copies of the star template. Download the file here,
• Cut a rough circle around each star in the printed paper. Cut the circles slightly larger than the star shape.
• Arrange the circles on the cardboard and fix them with a small piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the form. Do this on the wrong side of your box to avoid damaging the box as soon as we remove the stencil (note that I attached the circles on the right when I used the brown side of the cereal box).
• Cut the star with scissors and / or a utility knife according to the lines of the template. The double-sided tape holds the stencil in place while you cut out the shape. When you have cut all the pages, carefully remove the paper template.
• Leave an 8 cm tail on your back and wrap a piece of cotton knitting yarn (I like this because it creates a nice structure on the star, but you can try any type of yarn or thread) around the inner angles you can see how the yarn is wrapped In this video, When you have assembled all pairs of angles, tie a knot with both thread tails on the back. Weave the tails through the back with a large blunt needle. Cut off ends.
• You are now done!


Se me ocurrió hacer estas estrellas y fáciles para darle u. Como siempre, estoy usando mi material favorito (cereal carton) pero puedes ocupar el cartón que más te guste.

• Imprime la plantilla con las estrellas. The archivo lo puedes descargar aquí,
• Corta un círculo alrededor de cada estrella. Los círculos, que no tienen que ser perfectos, tienen que ser ligeramente más grandes que la estrella.
• Spread the article over the box and the Pedacito de cinta doble and the Centro de la Figura. The tienes are an edition of the box and the plantillas are an edition of the box (the cereal, the cereal, the cereal).
• Use this option to order a box or paper cassette. The Pedacito de Cinta Adhesiva Mantendrá la Plantilla and Sitio Mientras Cortas Las Figuras. This is one of the best types you can find and the best type you can find.
• An assistance of 8 cm per assessment and assessment of assistance (see above) that is necessary to obtain correct and correct assistance internos de la estrella. First video puedes ver cómo se hace. There will be hay and a message stating that you have received a message stating the help. Enhebra estas colas en una aguja grande sin punta and pásala entremedio de los hilos del revés; Corta read Puntas.
• Y estamos listos!

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