My most powerful strategies against coronavirus Home Steading

Are you worried about the corona virus?

If so, I would like to introduce you to some powerful strategies for preparing and strengthening your immune system.

But first I want to say that. I am Not freaked out about the corona virus. I am very, very angry about how the media spread terrible fear and sensation everywhere, and I am glad that we do not have television at home.

I acknowledge that there are sections of the population that are more vulnerable, so I don’t want to downplay this. Believe me, I know what it feels like to have a child who has almost died of an illness, although we still don’t know what causes this illness (Even experts don’t know what causes Kawasaki disease. One possibility is that it is an abnormal response to a common virus that most people do not respond to. Symptoms are similar to those of a virus or infection, but no specific viral or bacterial cause has been identified.

Our strategies to prepare for coronavirus or any type of flu and disease here at our homestead include the following:

1) Consume elderberry syrup, a powerful antiviral that you can either buy in a store, order online, or make yourself. I have a tutorial on how to do it yourself >> HERE <<

are amazing medicine with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-cancer
Superpowers. In addition to many flavonoids and free radical butt kicking
Antioxidants, elderberries contain 87 percent of the daily value in
Vitamin C and large amounts of vitamin A, potassium, iron, vitamin B6,
Dietary fiber and beta carotene.

2) Wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap

Do this long enough to be effectiveNot
Just a few seconds of squirting, but a nice 20-second rub
the front and back of the hands and between the fingers.
Just sing the song “Happy Birthday” twice and you’re good.

Do not do it
Touch your face So many of us touch our eyes, noses and lips
many times during the day without realizing it. If you distance yourself from it
This way, the likelihood of a virus entering your body is drastic

3) Stop eating sugar

Sorry, I know you don’t want to hear that. Sugar is so delicious and addictive … and bad for your immune system. I stopped eating refined white sugar eight years ago, although I still eat honey and maple syrup. My immune system was so much stronger!

4) Consume foods that fight viruses and use natural remedies

On my member page, I list these foods and herbs and also give you some great recipes to calm you down when you contract something.

I will leave you pictures of our still winter farm. May these pictures calm you down and calm you down. Remember: Don’t get upset and get scared right now !!!

Sitting in the very, very, very rare sunshine with a glass of homemade cider

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