Tips for improving your IELTS Academic Writing Score Canada Immigration

Top tips to improve your IELTS Academic Writing Score

Writing the IELTS test section can be one of the biggest challenges for many test takers. However, careful preparation makes a major contribution to achieving the band grade you need. Try using some of the top tips below to increase your chances of success in the IELTS Writing section.

1. Make sure you are smart about planning your time

The amount you have to write for part two of IELTS (250 words) is longer than part one (150 words). So plan your time for it. This is critical as approximately two thirds of your grade will be given for task two. So you want to spend about two thirds of your time (about 40 minutes) on this task.

2. Read the question carefully

Do not hurry to answer the writing question without reading it carefully! You will normally be asked to do this for the first part summarize, select and compare. These words are very important, so underline or circle them. After completing the task, make sure that you have summarized the information, selected important points and made comparisons.

For task two, make sure you’ve covered all parts of the task. For example, if the task prompts you to discuss both views of a topic, make sure that you have given arguments on both sides. When asked to express your opinion, make sure in the same way that you have done so and that this is clear to the reader.

3. Make sure that you have an overview or summary in the first part

An overview or summary consists of a few sentences that cover the most important points and do not contain every single detail. For the first part of the academic writing, you usually need to write an overview (i.e. summarize the information). This part of the task is critical and can be inserted at the beginning or end of your writing passage.

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4. Keep it simple in the second part of the essay

If you write extremely long sentences or use very complicated vocabulary to impress the examiner, you won’t get a higher volume if your ideas are difficult to understand. Keep it simple! Don’t try to use complicated words that you may not be able to spell. Replace these words with words that you are more certain that you know and can spell the meaning.

The quality of your English is assessed, so focus on it! You don’t have to come up with a really “clever” or “intellectual” idea for long. Think of ideas that are easy to express, and then focus on the grammatical forms and words you need to express those ideas on paper.

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5. Be realistic

Getting better in every language takes effort and time. If you have a band or two lower than you want (i.e. you need a band 7 but you get a 5 or 6), you probably shouldn’t do the test again immediately, as you will most likely get a similar band. Take the time to practice your writing skills so that you are ready for your next test.

For a small fee, you can even take a practice test that is assessed by an official IELTS examiner. This gives you a band score and detailed feedback. This exercise will help you know how ready you are to take the IELTS test and get the band score you need. This service is called IELTS progress control,

6. Available training resources for IELTS Academic Writing

In preparation for your IELTS Academic Writing, it is important to plan. There are many free online practice materials. If you need further help, invest in an IELTS tutor who can tell you where you may be wrong and what you can do to improve. Work out. Work out. Then practice more. You can never be too prepared for the test day.

For information on IELTS exercise materials and courses, please visit the British Council IELTS Canada prepare page, Good luck with your IELTS preparation!

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