Transfer the SAL pattern to your fabric Embroidery

The Spring Sampler SAL will start soon …

If you need an update to SAL or want to access the FREE sample, you can find all the information here … Spring Sampler Stitch a Long

So we’re all ready to start sewing this Thursday, March 5th. Here is a short guide on how to transfer the pattern to your fabric.

The pattern consists of 12 blocks with straight edges.

I found the best way to transfer straight line designs by placing the fabric in the frame In front you are chasing.

If you draw straight lines on the fabric and then stretch the fabric in the frame for the most part, distorted lines are created that are shaky – frustrating and a big spoiler!

The easy way to follow a straight line design …

Chasing the Spring Sampler pattern

The same applies to the round or the rectangular version. It also makes no difference whether you use a tire or a frame as long as the fabric is firm.

Use a light box or window – glue your pattern in place so it’s safe.

Place the fabric frame so that it is flush with the light box, and hold it in place with a ruler and a frixing pen. Trace all straight border lines.

Surprisingly, I use a stabilizer fabric (calico) behind my main fabric and it’s still easy to see through, as you can see …

Once you’ve traced the border lines all, the rest is just peasy.

I first traced the block of strawberries. Usually tracing can be very difficult since you dare not move the fabric until the entire pattern is done. That’s the great thing about this pattern – you have all the boundary lines in place – as long as you line them up every time you chase a block and want to hold it for that block, you can move it in between and it’s won no matter.

Practical tip when tracking down …

Print a second copy of the sample and keep it next to you if you are tracking for reference. No matter how good your light box is, there are always cases where it looks blurry and you are not sure what to follow.

When you have the pattern next to you, you will get a quick reference so you can distinguish what you are tracking without lifting the fabric and peeking under it! That changed me!

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