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Are NDAs all the same?

In some cases, the receiving party also presents an NDA in which it also wishes to exchange and protect valuable information about this agreement. This type of agreement enables brainstorming in these meetings and enables the receiving parties to contribute to this idea. Otherwise, the only party that provides a valuable import is the disclosing party.

To answer this question: No, not all NDAs are the same.

You can use any NDA template on the Internet, but some companies or ideas may need a specific NDA that fits their specificity or what they want to protect. At Spark, we use NDAs that define the basic needs to protect your idea when you present it to a stakeholder like us to design and develop your idea.

In some cases, the inventors will sign our NDA and additionally ask us to sign their own NDA. In either case, NDAs are usually not an overly worrying document. Its main purpose is to ensure that the inventor’s idea is protected, and if you are in this business like us, we also want to make sure that we protect your idea. We design and develop new ideas for startups, inventors, designers and companies every day. We need an NDA before they even tell us about the idea.

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