Bring nature with interior design Scandinavian

In a recent article, Healthy Home with Biophilia, I talked about how we as humans want to be connected with nature and other living things like humans, animals and plants because we feel good about it. This longing for “connection” is called “biophilia”.

I mentioned numerous ways we could use interior design to make this connection for a happier and healthier home, including using natural materials, plants, animals, colors, art, scents, and lighting.

Some of the tips I gave were:

  • Bring nature into play through design, strategic window placement, and use of colors that blend in with the outside environment. Use your outside windows as indoor art.
  • Use the colors of nature in your home like blue, green, brown, white and gray, as they play a prominent role in trees, bushes, in the sky and in the water.
  • Use colors from your outdoor landscape that are visible in your color scheme from your windows.
  • Using art that shows landscapes, plants, animals or other natural elements.
  • Designed to make life easier with pets like pet-friendly upholstery, washable carpets, etc.
  • Create outdoor landscapes that are visible through your windows and are beautiful, colorful, smell good and attract wildlife.

I recently finished this design for a global style living and dining room that are great examples of using some of these ideas.

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