How do I travel when Form I-485 is pending? Us Immigration

When you’ve submitted Form I-485, Application to adjust the status If you are a permanent resident and would like to travel abroad while your petition is still pending, you may receive one Parole document in advance to travel abroad. Likewise a Green card Holders wishing to travel overseas for more than a year can do so by purchasing one Return travel permit. To receive either a probation document or a re-entry permit, you may need to submit Form I-131 Application for a travel document. Note that a person granted refugee or asylee status in the United States can also use Form I-131 for a refugee travel document if they wish to travel internationally. Click here to learn more about how to get one Travel document for refugees.

When should I submit Form I-131 to get a re-entry permit?

A green card holder who is looking forward to a re-entry permit must submit a file Form I-131while he is in the country and he cannot submit this form abroad. While submitting this form to receive a re-entry permit, you must appear for biometrics. USCIS will reject your application if you miss your biometric appointment. You can then travel abroad and ask USCIS to send your permission to a US consulate abroad, and you can collect this document from the overseas consulate. You can also choose to stay in the country and travel abroad after receiving your re-entry permit. USCIS takes approximately 6 months to process these applications, and sometimes it processes applications earlier. These re-entry permits are only valid for a period of two years and cannot be extended. However, a green card holder can apply for a new permit when the existing permit expires. However, remember that you will not be given a new permit if the permit you hold is still valid.

When should I submit Form I-131 for early probation?

You can submit Form I-131 to receive an early probation document when Form I-485 is submitted. You can only leave the country after USCIS has approved your application and this document is valid for one year. Likewise, you cannot submit Form I-131 to receive a refugee travel document abroad. However, after submitting your application and submitting your fingerprints, you can depart and collect the document from an overseas consulate. This document is also valid for one year. You can renew a probation document and a travel document for refugees. However, please note that re-entry permits cannot be renewed. The registration fee for Form i 131 may vary depending on the type of registration. Visit the Registration fee for Form I-131.

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