English Paper Piecing & Applique Enjoy! Embroidery

A few weeks ago I found a great product on Amazon … tested it and used it for application priming. It’s a bit “out of the box” but it works great for me. I glued glue (washable children’s glue stick), stapled application forms and sewed them together by hand to create all types of application forms.

Even small items work great (can you just spot the little bird’s tail in the top left corner of this photo?). What was really wonderful is that I could use this foundation and didn’t have to sew anything! No freezing paper either! In addition, it must not be REMOVED after the application forms have been sewn on … as it starts stiff enough to fold the seam allowance nicely. THEN it becomes soft when it is washed! How awesome it is!

Just so you know … I don’t get a setback … just wanted to share a good idea! This is designed for use in machine embroidery frames. It comes in leaves (see article above) … and in a large role (see article below).

Back then, today … while browsing Pinterest I came across a design in English Paper Piecing that I hadn’t really seen before. I know … has always been around, but I was obviously “under a rock” because I didn’t pay attention to all the people who love Lucy Boston quilt block posts. Check out these designs (borrowed from Pinterest; this is not my job … just so you know THIS fact from the start).

So I think … “Why not cut the base plates in this shape … glue the fabrics on top (including seam allowance) … then fold and glue the seam allowance backwards English pieces of paper to sew together (but no paper that can be removed later !!).

I’m cutting out my shapes … and trying it out! Will post the results later next week. 😉

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