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How to print the Nigerian Customs Service checklist for 2020 : Nigerian Education

Here is an official guide to print out the Nigerian Customs Service’s 2020 test slip. Applicants wishing to print out the NCS 2020 Exam Certificate for the aptitude test of shortlisted candidates should follow the guidelines below.

Is your name one of the Nigerian Customs Service candidates? Would you like to download the Nigerian Customs Service 2020 proficiency test certificate? Then you should use this guide to print out the Nigerian Customs Service checklist for session 2020.

After announcing the candidates for the Nigerian Customs Service Pick List for 2020, I am pleased to give you the best possible guideline to download and print the 2020 NCS Exam Voucher for shortlisted candidate aptitude tests.

how to print nigerian customs inspection certificate

Nigerian Customs Service 2020 checklist.

For those who want to print theirs, it is important that you visit the email address you provided when you registered your NCS. Via this email you will receive an email with your exam slip and a printout of the exam slip before the due date.

It is imperative to know that the NCS exam documents have been sent in batches. So if you haven’t received an email, please check again to see if yours are available.

How to print out the Nigerian Customs Service 2020 checklist.


This is a sample email sent from the JAMB e-Registration Server.

Dear Abdullahi Amadi,
Please click on the link below to print out your test slip.

Thank you very much.


1. All candidates must submit a copy of this exam slip to your center with a photocopy of your ID card
2. Delays will not be accepted into the examination center. It is therefore for your own benefit to be on site before the examination time stated on your slip.

Note: Do not send emails to the email address used to send your Nigerian proof of employment cessation because it is a virtual address.

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