How does high-speed fiber optic internet improve your communication? BUSINNESS

With high-speed Internet, you can stream HD videos, have better access to the cloud and improve your VoIP connection.

One of the most important value propositions when establishing an optical fiber connection is simply the following: a faster one Business Internet,

This connection enables you to run applications and perform important business processes that require higher Internet speeds. With fiber, you have access to it High-speed connection and crystal clear quality, especially when communicating with people outside the office.

Support for HD video

Imagine chatting with your colleagues and customers over an HD video conference or working with contributors across the country with the utmost clarity.

For many companies, conference calls and video conferencing are important tools for employee training, marketing, and sales. With a fiber optic internet connection, companies can increase their investments in video conferencing as a business tool without affecting the available bandwidth.

Why? Because of reduced latency. With fewer delays in data processing, fiber Internet eliminates many of the latency problems that users have on cable Internet, particularly when downloading or uploading videos or high definition content.

Research has shown that increasing investments in video conferencing can save companies thousands of dollars per employee every year or even every month, especially if you are able to avoid excessive business travel.

Cloud Access

From CRM tools (customer relationship management) to data storage, the cloud is an indispensable business tool for apps, hosting and more. 82% of businesses now use the cloud in some way. The speed and bandwidth features of fiber optic internet enable faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud.

Your company can benefit from fewer delays in accessing cloud-hosted information through your software-as-a-service tools (SaaS) and other platforms. This means that your sales and customer service representatives no longer have any delays in communicating with potential customers or customers. As companies move more and more services to the cloud, fiber optic Internet is becoming increasingly important.

VoIP support

Simple, VoIP – Voice over Internet protocol – You can make calls over the Internet. Instead of permanently connecting telephones to your employees’ desks, you can set up your telephone system via an Internet connection. This enables a superior communication experience with modern call functions. This function in connection with a fiber optic connection enables you an improved service quality, clarity of the voices and improved cooperation.

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