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Jelelle Awen has recently downloaded The Magdalenes’ beautiful frequencies and invitation messages quite often! In this issue, a letter is presented by her, sharing the messages of belonging, rediscovering yourself and your deeper soul purpose and reuniting with the conscious soul family:

“You chose to incarnate yourself in this timeline for an important reason. Now is the time to water, care for and harvest the seeds of a 5D Golden Earth that we planted during Yeshua / Magdalene’s lifetime. There is a lot of support for you to accomplish your purpose in this regard. Focus on this support and let go of what distracts and invalidates you. and your higher timeline will come to you from the divine. Choose this higher timeline and it will choose you! “

Raphael and Jelelle will jointly manage their next monthly group broadcast on Zoom on Saturday, March 7th. The focus of this group is to talk about Yeshua Magdalena consciousness and to help you feel YOUR place and role in it, both in other lifetimes and in the now. More information here to join them or to receive the admission:

You can find more information on all of our events at:

The journey that Jelelle takes through her ongoing “Deepen” video series, which takes place with every video this year, leads us this time into the process of admitting our own “Light Body Activations”. She talks about the activation process of the light body as we move from our dense, carbon-based 3D body to much higher light frequencies that can be embodied. Watch the video here:

We have a few NEW fonts and audio blogs this week, including a couple from Deva Yasmin, a SoulFullHeart presenter, who, with her beloved friend, reports on her ongoing process within and in Sacred Union. Jelelle Awen, Raphael Awen and Kalayna Solais also share articles on personal processes, energy updates and other digestions.

Raphael, a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for men and women, now offers FREE 30-45 minute intro calls via Zoom to see how the SFH process and ongoing 1: 1 sessions help you on your healing and ascension journey can. Jelelle Awen only works with women, even in 1: 1 bridging sessions. More information here:

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