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CDC recognizes A.I. from Lark Health to Diabetes Prevention Program

– Lark Health is partnering with Minnesota’s HealthPartners to help members better treat their diabetes after a successful pilot program.

– The new partnership gives more than 650,000 HealthPartners members free access to Larks AI-based diabetes management program. This is a big step for members in Minnesota, where 8 percent of adults have been diagnosed with diabetes and the estimated total cost of diabetes is estimated at $ 4.7 billion a year.

– The partnership follows a successful pilot program between the two companies that has demonstrated Lark’s effectiveness in helping people with diabetes manage their chronic condition.

Lerch Health, a chronic mountain view, CA
Platform for disease prevention and management, announced the continuation of one
contract with Health partners
after a successful pilot phase.

HealthPartners supports and guides members with diabetes through a range of services, including telephone support for nurses, telephone health coaching, drug management and cost estimation tools, provider cost and quality assessment tools, and digital health information. The new partnership gives more than 650,000 HealthPartners members free access to Larks AI-based diabetes management program.

Lark uses the latest conversation AI
and connected health monitors for personal advice in real time
Help members make healthier decisions, manage their conditions, and when needed
Reach out to experienced nurses and coaches to make changes to medications or to deal with a
for example a significant blood glucose event.

Why is it important?

More than
30 million Americans have diabetes, the seventh most common
Cause of death and the most expensive disease in the country. diabetes
the nation costs an estimated $ 327 billion a year in direct medical costs and
indirect costs such as lost or reduced productivity of the workforce. in the
In Minnesota, almost 8 percent of adults were diagnosed with diabetes
The estimated total cost of diabetes is $ 4.7 billion a year
Year, according to the Department of Health of Minnesota.

“Diabetes is an extremely common, costly, and inconvenient challenge that millions of people face today,” said Julia Hu, CEO and co-founder of Lark. “By working with partners like HealthPartners, we can offer more people personalized care to help them achieve better health outcomes, cut costs and help solve this growing health crisis.”

Larks A.I.
for diabetes study shows that patients significantly reduce A1c

The partnership follows a year of momentum for Lark, including the first
Digital Health Company to demonstrate clinical results on the effectiveness of
its programs for all areas of diabetes, hypertension and prediabetes. A study by
Lark’s diabetes management program this year found that members a
significant reduction of A1c values ​​by 1.1 points after only four months. ON
Reducing 1 point in A1c resulted in a 43 percent lower rate of
complications from diabetes, according to a study in the Journal of Managed
Nursing & specialty pharmacy.

Average blood was found in a study of Lark’s hypertension management program
Pressure reduction of 8.4 / 6.4 mm Hg after six months. Lower blood pressure by 5
It is estimated that mm Hg reduces the risk of stroke mortality by 14 percent and
Save health plans $ 1,037 per member per year, according to a study in the
Journal of hypertension.


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