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As parents, we are used to participating in parent-teacher conferences and receiving feedback about our children’s achievements in school. We talk about the strengths, weaknesses and possible next growth steps of each child on these timed appointments. Fortunately, we never had to hear disappointing news. Today, after reading the December 17, 2019 article, “More than just playing the piano,” I am reminded of the reason why.

On several occasions when I have had less formal conversations with colleagues at our children’s primary school, I’ve heard the following comments: (Mind you, there were some less glowing ones.)

“She speaks with confidence at such a young age.”

“Your daughter is focused on one task over a long period of time, while some need constant redirection.”

“It’s nice not to have to remind them to do their homework / project.”

“She is a leader in the field as well as in the classroom.”

“I can count on her to help me and the other students.”

One remark in particular – “How Is that it ALL of your girls did it so well at school? “- prompted me to give a very specific answer.

I don’t remember the exact words I used now, but I do remember how our children were in the library and in the church every week when they were very young. Here they learned to sit or stand, to listen and to behave respectfully. In the church, they were able to receive and expand support as they learned from mentors and took on responsible positions, such as customers or counters, church cleaners, VBS helpers, secretaries or superintendents of Sunday school, MBA president, song guide, pianist, youth in action Volunteer or other industry and area positions.

Throughout their years, they have been entrusted with growing responsibilities and a network to support them.

When the brothers and sisters had high expectations of their actions while serving God, members, and friends, our children learned valuable insights that served them well throughout school and now in their life and calling.

God gave them the skills employers are looking for, such as: B. Strong speaking, listening and writing. They acquired the ability to work with and manage groups of people of different sizes. More exposure, practice, and trust led them to take more risks and teach them resilience.

I believe that God gives all of our children through these valuable church experiences, talents and abilities that are even more important than the world needs. Our youth can show compassion and understanding and share the peace, love and joy of Jesus in their hearts with everyone they come into contact with at school, at work and in their communities.

When the next business meeting arrives, or in the meantime, when a young child can do something to help in the Church, consider encouraging, teaching, and assisting them when they perform an important task that helps them develop into responsible, caring adults – and be more like Jesus.

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