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Would you like to pre-order my new book: Heaven and hell: a story of the afterlife? Here’s a fantastic deal. As you may know, I have completed eight major courses over the years (starting from when they were started) The teaching company!). If you pre-order the book (or have already done so), you will receive an 80% discount on each book. This is a pretty serious discount. Just click on this address.

The great courses I’ve done over the years.

  • The new Testament
  • The historical Jesus
  • Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Struggles for Authentication
  • From Jesus to Constantine: A History of Early Christianity
  • The History of the Bible: The Formation of the New Testament Canon
  • According to the New Testament: The Writings of the Apostolic Fathers
  • The greatest controversy in early Christianity
  • How Jesus became God

A complete description of the individual courses can be found here:

Do you know the big courses? They are really great – not necessarily mine, but in general. I’ve seen a lot of it in classical music (several!). old story; Psychology; Neuroscience; and now, and other things! They are available for both audio and video (my biggest controversy is just audio; they tried that for a while and decided that most people also like the video option). The production quantities are excellent. You should check them out.

And get 80% discount! Just click on the website above, fill out the form and do it!

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