The Adventures of … Color it Red Blog Hop Quilting

Welcome to my day of blog hop “Color It Red”.

When Carol announced this hop I could only think …

I red Read the book … what do I do now?

Which way do I go, where do I start …

Then I took this advice …begin at the beginning

(No expression of surprise on the faces, I understand)

LOL !!

… and keep going until the end: then Stop!

Yes, I was in the rabbit hole when I started

PIG (project in a shopping bag)!

It’s been in this sack since 2015. Complete with the fabrics to be used.

Why, oh, why are things so buried?

Blog hops help me get projects going again … so thanks Carol.

“Down the rabbit hole”

This 49 “x 52” quilt appeals to my soul.

LOL !!

(Tells you a lot, doesn’t it?)

I’m an “Alice in Wonderland” junkie!

After all, who wouldn’t fall in love with cute little Alice.

So grab a cup …

… let your imagination run wild

and take part in the tea party!

Meet the Cheshire Cat,

who tries to be logical and explain the madness of the wonderland.

The queen of hearts who wants to behead everyone …

The very rude Mad Hatter who loves to get frustrated.

White rabbit, so focused on time.

Caterpillar sitting on his mushroom and smoking from a hookah.

(a drug addict before his time)


The spade villain

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

The villain of hearts …

You are all here to play!

This fun pattern is from Angie Padilla. You can find it right

A big thank you to “Hobbs” for providing their 100% wool.

I love the attic, a cotton wool gives a project.

When I skipped “Wonderland” it reminded me

I started these cross stitch designs years ago.

My “White Rabbit” didn’t seem to remind me of the time …

… I hope to return to the “Wonderland” band soon!

If you’re a cross stitch lover, you’ll find these patterns at Brooks Books

along with many other incredible designs.

Cough Cough … and no, it’s not from a hookah, I can have the whole line of it

“Wizard of Oz” also for sewing!

In this sense…

Thank you Carol for bringing this out RED in all of us!

Please visit my blogger colleagues today and see what colors their world RED,

19th of Februaryth

I hope you enjoyed my little trip through the wonderland.

One day I just don’t want to grow up.

Until next time …

Carry on with Stitchin ‘

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